Lex Livingston   Toronto, Ontario, Canada
My name is Lex Livingston. I like to play video games with my friends of which you should definetly check out. My favorite game is rust. I play csgo some and tf2 occasionally. Thank you for visiting my profile and have a nice day. <3

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Lil Piss May 26 @ 1:49pm 
+rep !
baklau May 24 @ 6:10pm 
cute bro
✪G0meX May 22 @ 6:48am 
geh mal rotze lecken du huso!
aytien May 19 @ 10:28pm 
-rep Poor little kid fails to closet cheat, gets called out, and gets an axiety attack. What a shame what this next generation is.
✔MiTcH May 18 @ 7:46pm 
you know why,cus i tought youre the one cat box
✔MiTcH May 18 @ 7:44pm 
a bitch