Lunean lfp pyro
Vincent   Buckingham, Quebec, Canada
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UGC Highlander

s17 steel NADH, spy and leader (4-4)
s18 steel 9AM, spy and leader (6-3)
s19 silver 9AM, spy and leader (6-4)
s20 gold 9AM, spy and leader (4-4)
s21 silver 9AM, engineer (week 1-6), spy (week 7+) and leader (9-3, 2nd place)
s22 platinum 9AM, spy and leader (9-0, first place)

UGC 6v6 :

s21 steel LV, sub medic (8-4)
s22 plat VCR, main medic (week 1-6)
s23 silver Qc, main medic (4-4)
S26 Silver -Wewinston -Tracer(ass being munched) -(11-1) First Place

21:54 - Career: I just wrote on a piece of paper "I hav 12 inch p-nes" and drew a penis roughly 12 inches, what's your address

5:46 PM - MoreAss-mus the ★Pornstar★: uncle dane the engie main
5:46 PM - MoreAss-mus the ★Pornstar★: more like uncle trash the trash can

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lunean sap some♥♥♥♥♥
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12500 hours on spy weeb lmao typical, i can only imagine how sad your life is. you have my pitty
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pls add me i wana play brotha
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My French is so damn good
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