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Friends are like the stars. You can't see them, but they're always there.:selphinehappy:
Shoot for the moon! If you miss, you'll be among the stars!:erune:

:htshocked: A Friend is a Loving companion at all times!:azuki2::cocochan2::sritona:

I used to be a somebody... Someone who was a dear friend.... A person who of genuine concern that cared for others and helped them in their times, the stranger who would lend his hand for the greater good for those who could be helped. I... Was not a mann, to be feared. On the horizon and of the thousand accounts that possesed a child, such middle-class was he to become of and forever be. He would neither commit himself of deep lies nor dishonesty, he would begrudgingly help a friend in a timely need... Now she no longer walks this realm as far as her concerned, to the golden age until the decline and fall of the certain group was her line.

From now on, she told herself that there will come a time when that kind of gentry is needed. From where that peasant lives, in solitude and in transit for his own time. That time is now, that is where he'll be, of when everyone is of dishonesty and greed. no one can blame him, he's just one of the many who came from a different generation.

~⑨ Luna/Lunatic from 2011

A stranger devided from more parts than the one itself can imagine, This kind likes to read and write what fantasies that dispels many dreams into the march of the concerned. Used to roleplay and is ever still willing to do so as always as the person can. But what can such thing do? clinger of old times and center of two genreations the one that should not care has gone insane. inane as one can be, that is but an old trick learned from an old friend.

Stores to be written:

BroCon 11/ Broken Eleven
Lights and sounds
The height of my own insanity
Des Lieux Sauvage
Enemies of the third right


We must all have sturmgewehrs! Eh-you get a sturmgewehr! You get a sturmgewehr! Everyone get sturmgewehrs!

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Hello and welcome, fellow players! For this guide I will be discussing in-depth the units and abilities of the Osttruppen Doctrine of the Ostheer faction, and how to use them to their fullest potential in a team-based match. By the guide's end, I hope you

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