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Posted: May 17 @ 12:24pm
Updated: May 21 @ 8:15pm

Early Access Review
If you're buying the game "as is" for the content it currently provides, it is not worth the current price: limited features with significant bugs.

If you're considering buying this game for the modding potential and/or to support further development as it is an early access title, go ahead - it has a lot of potential.

- No (ingame) 3D editor, you only have Game Master (Zeus).
- The AI is unable to drive.
- Vehicles and wheels sink into the ground frequently and struggle to turn or drive forwards.
- When vehicles take damage (or when this happens after performing an animation such as a player getting in/out) they sometimes teleport into the air (presumably they were stuck in the ground and the game is un-sticking them) or if you're unlucky they fall through the terrain.
- The AI does not know how to deal with you when you start gunning down your AI teammates.
- A couple of cars/truck variations for each side, currently only the Soviets have an IFV (BTR-70)
- Fairly frequent game crashes related to memory access, happens with the Enfusion Workbench too.
- Constantly failing to join servers with free slots.
- Window destruction is now instant, no damage states.
- No destructible buildings.
- New movement system makes it even easier to glitch into vehicles and shoot the people inside, it also can teleport vehicles into the ground.

+ New destruction system is a massive overhaul: only a few objects are currently destructible but now have animations for being broken instead of jumping to a broken model - very interested to see this being applied to buildings.
+ New inventory system is more fleshed out than Arma 3, adding slots, but it is also clunky and not very intuitive.
+ Alongside the new inventory system, you now have a GUI Hotbar to display your currently selected equipment.
+ Equipment like maps and flashlights are now objects you and other players hold and can see be used.
+ Vehicle physics when it comes to ramming objects has been significantly improved to not fling you across the map.
+ Vehicles have detailed interiors that can be seen from the outside.
+ Huge graphical improvements, textures, lighting, particles, and more
+ Vehicles now don't instantly combust or combust after 10 seconds from taking fatal damage, they set on fire and burn before exploding - this is a bit weird when you're dumping rockets into a tiny jeep though.
+ Improved gun handling all around: recoil, movement, animations for gun interactions. The reloading animation capability has been extended from base Arma 3 as you now can reload mid-magazine to avoid having to work the gun action.
+ Improvement to switching between fire modes on a weapon: now you cycle through the main fire modes on a weapon by pressing the keybind but when holding it you switch to the alternate fire mode such as a grenade launcher, this is a great improvement over the Arma 3 method of cycling. This new system could help add more functionality to vehicle weapons with optional fire mode selection such as rocket/bomb salvos, as opposed to the A3 method of adding them all to the fire mode selection list.
+ Weapons on vehicles and emplacements now have proper recoil.
+ You now can't continue to aim your gun while right up against an object in most instances, making it easier to prevent shooting through vehicles or walls.
+ "Enhanced" movement, able to jump and climb over most reasonable objects. You can now control the speed of movement and have more stances to move between (compared to Arma 3's CTRL+W/S) with leaning being a controllable angle of lean instead of on or off.
Ladder movement speed is now controllable and you can finally slide down ladders.
+ You can now carry two primary weapons or one primary weapon and one launcher.
+ You can now use launchers while prone
+ The radio system has been massively improved: it now works on a range of frequencies with 0.5khz increments.

/ New HUD style - displays keybinds required for the action, much more console-friendly but I much prefer the current Arma 3 style of HUD
/ The interaction menu has been completely removed, replaced by having to look directly at the object to interact with. This is a great idea in concept but makes switching seats in a vehicle is now a massive pain and adds chunky hud elements right in your face instead of out of the way in an interaction menu. That said, when interacting with objects like the btr-70 you have a list to scroll through to select the seat to get into, an improved interaction menu as the elements move and focus on the selected option.
/ The Arma Reforger Tools, Enfusion Workbench, looks very promising and does allow for scenario creation in the World Editor though this is much less streamlined than an in-game editor like with A2/A3. As of the time of this review, there is very limited documentation for the workbench and Enforce with more to come.
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joseph52626 May 19 @ 8:23am 
I agree with schnoz honestly, the game is a casual valve cash grab, there's only a year planned for support. Everyone who put money into this game, expect it to be dropped within twelve months.
Metophisical May 18 @ 10:30am 
@schnoz-mid says the guy with the fucking underage pedo weeb profile
Legion DC May 18 @ 9:11am 
is there crossplay with console?
Schnoz-Mid™ May 18 @ 9:08am 
Most brain dead steam game reviewer :er_wave:
Delta_Force May 18 @ 7:33am 
well no shit it got realesed yesterday
Bentham May 18 @ 6:39am 
There is an editor, Reforger Tools.
멜론 May 18 @ 3:23am 
not arma imo,we lost the tactics of arma
Schwarzwaeldertorte May 17 @ 11:45pm 
sucks to be you I guess.
sadovsf May 17 @ 11:03pm 
Well not really, there is not mission editor. That is whole engine. Think Unreal or Unity. Not simple 3D mission editor. You basically buy engine with example of small FPS indie game 🤷‍♂️
Chop Huey May 17 @ 10:54pm 
The 3D editor you’re missing is existing, you can edit your missions and terrains in enfusion. Just download Arma Reforger Tools, export and play.