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hi my name is Luis and im a gay illegal immagrant from mexico and the alantic ocean.

I currently enjoy playing on my 1945 type writer. I also play games at high pings my lowest ping was about 10000 ping.

One of my favorite things to do is smuggle my family across the border and smuggle candy across the border to.

And when people bring up this won girl named kai i go phsyco for her. What ever she tells me to do (Mostly shut up and dont talk to me) i will do it for her.

Usually girls dont talk to me so i talk to my mom about the problems i have with girls. I usually want to get friends but i cant since im constantly going across the border to smuggle kids to make them my friends but i usually rape them first before i do anything.

One time there was this kid who bought me a popsicle and i said " Thanks for the vibrator man i really needed one so i can loosen up my mangina so when i start raping all the homeless people again." Then i shoved that popsicle up the kids mouth after i was done using it.

There was also this one kid that was a boi that i really liked my mom(rat) told me go to her (my rat mom said her because she never new i was gay) and tell that hoe that u like her and tell her to bemd down and start suking ur flat surface. I went to him and tried to do everyting my mom told me to do, but when i got to the preschooler i started raping him with the penicl in my hand( It felt like the best thing in the world. Later that day i was called up by the principal; and he told me why did i rape a preschooler.

But sice the pricipal looked like a old man i decided to rape him to. He later then called the POPO and when they put me in handcuffs i started to rape them threw the ear and let me tell u it felt to good to be true.

Then the swat team came, i ran up to them and started to rape them threw there belly button. Then after that i raped their guns it felt like i was fuking a mangina . i quilkly went to bahgdad i decided i want to become muslim and have threesomes wih goats and blow up Night clubs. And by a day i was already fuking all the goats u can posabaly have

-By Luis

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It's COOL to be gay!
Post this on the wall of a homosexual friend and tell them how COOL they are
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silver strats all day baby
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