Luis Alves
Luis Alves   Leiria, Portugal

Wanna play a game with me? Want to chat? Or just trade?

Just add me!! I'm online a lot and i'll try to responde as soon as possible.

About trading stuff check the showcase "Items Up For Trade" down bellow. It has all the info and links you need. (even tho trading csgo items is my major thing i trade almost anything...csgo, tf2, dota2, steam games, cards, ..., just give it a shot ;D)

Oh, one more thing! If you like giveaways you better check my twitter, its where i share everysingle giveaway i find on the internet XD
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------------------------------------------ EVERYTHING IS UP FOR TRADE!!! ------------------------------------------

I care about stickers and nametags ( CS:GO ) and about spells, strange parts and paints ( TF2 ) in certain items so i expect overpay on them, from both parts.

Here is my Trade Offer Link ^^

------------------------------------------------------------- CS:GO --------------------------------------------------------------

Here is my OPskins Listings ^^ [], i only sale there low cost CS:GO items with insane floats, usefull for trade up contracts, but even if your not looking for this you might still wanna take a look at it.

and check my CsGo Lounge profile ^^ []

---------------------------------------------------------------- TF2 ----------------------------------------------------------------

Btw if you are looking for TF2 items i think this link will be useful, its my TF2 Profile []

Every item on my inventory is for sale but the listings are probably the best items that i'm selling, most of them are up for negotiation.

----------------------------------------------------------- Other Stuff -----------------------------------------------------------

Also, if your looking for CS:GO Cases and shit items just send an offer to this LINK , its my 2nd account trade offer link :P
I have another account to keep them all :P

And check my Twitter for GIVEAWAYS, i share there every single giveaway i find on the internet (and i find a lot xD)
Luis Alves Twitter ^^

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Mister Marci Oct 19 @ 1:13pm 
Hi! My auction on is finished and you are the top bidder.
killswitch_on Oct 7 @ 8:10pm 
Offer sent for some fabricators
Kill4 Oct 2 @ 3:47pm 
Sorry if this is spam, but if you get a chance to please add me and send me a msg either in chat/comment, I work PST.
Kill4 Oct 2 @ 3:37pm 
Looking for some help with the spelled bills....
CyberFrozen ❄️⚡ Sep 22 @ 3:47pm 
Roubaram nosso ouro.