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Fantastic Monkey Island homage with a very sick twist. Def looking forward for more. Cheers
Posted April 28, 2020.
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I am quite surprised by this sequel, because it packs the good stuff from the first one, with a new control scheme that makes it a totally different game, for better or for worse.
The first one had a lot of limitations that made for a quite hard experience; it was all about timing, crowd control and reloading your weapon wisely... this one is a lot more streamlined, and the new movement capabilities and zooming in and out of the action gives you a very rich experience, where shots come from all directions, and jumping is a must, making it a totally different experience.
I blasted through it in about 4 hours, and it was a literal blast, but it is too forgiving, so I guess that the only issue to me is that the default normal difficulty is too easy.
Artwork: fantastic
Sound and Music: fantastic
Gameplay: the best of all the pack... now it is a twin-stick platformer
Difficulty: too easy, that gives the impression of being too short

8/10 Play it on hard for a better challenge
Some DLC would be really nice, or even the old levels on this one. Cheers
Posted February 23, 2020.
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My most played game on Steam, by far. It's a sandbox monster where you can easily sink 12-15 hours per location, add the levels from the first one, the online content... worth every penny just for the amount of stuff you can do, the different stories, easter-eggs, escalations, the different disguises... The music and graphics are superb.
I am not very invested in the story, so I won't get into that. It is not necessary to progress anyway.

In my opinion, the game is hugely underrated, thanks to today's standards of what a game is. It needs some serious time investment to "get it", and now it includes easier modes that turn it into an arkham-esche experience.
With that in mind, I recommend playing on professional or master difficulty, and disabling the visual aids in the settings, so that you have to explore the level, and hear conversations, find opportunities and routes, and not just follow the dot, as every other contemporary AAA adventure.

My only gripe is the whole experience weights 150gb, and it needs a very beefy machine to run properly. I ended up playing 90% of the time on the Geforce Now platform, because my machine struggles with it.

It is the most fun I've had in a AAA title easily in the last 5 years.
Posted November 26, 2019.
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17.8 hrs on record (13.8 hrs at review time)
Very enjoyable run and gun platformer, packing outstanding visuals and music, that tends towards a boss rush type of gameplay.
The current patch makes the normal difficulty a bit more bearable, but it is still a really hard game if you forget to nail down some mechanics before moving forward. I will detail some in the next paragraph, for anyone interested
Mastering the parry jump is fundamental to progress reliably, the same as upgrading your weaponry to do more damage, so that boss phases are shorter, and using specials. So don't forget getting those coins to buy those upgrades in the shop. They seem to be unnecessary in earlier stages, but further down the line they are a must, because the game is pretty hard by today's standards.
what can I say? the hype is real, and the gameplay is top notch, apart from looking pretty. Just be ready to get mauled again and again, and come back later if you get burnt.
Posted October 25, 2019.
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Delightful mixture of metroidvania and pinball, thrown around a huge colorful map, full of funny characters, abilities, fast-travel/back-tracking, and a very welcome positive vibe.
NO procedurally generated content, and that clearly shows, because the map design is very clever and full of surprises.
NO souls mechanics/system, that usually only pad the game, and oblige a lot of repetition. The game doesn't punish you, while not being particularly easy.
Superb artwork, BTW.

A really good surprise, and totally worth your time.
Posted August 20, 2019.
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Very punishing puzzle platformer, where you have to find the key to escape each level. I have found the difficulty a little less steep compared to the first installment, but it is also very enjoyable, and hugely bingeable.
I hope a 3rd one ends up happening.
Posted June 29, 2019. Last edited June 29, 2019.
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Played on Goblin difficulty, so that once you are busted, you are basically done (no melee, and no parry). This hugely affect the gameplay mechanics, and how you approach the levels (in my opinion, for the better)

All-around good game: decent graphics, really intrincate and huge levels, sound and music.
If you love stealth, this game is a good bet, but I understand that if the genre is not your cup of tea, you may find it a little tedious until you get some of the habilities to make it more fun.

I have found three major features that I really enjoyed:
First, you have different paths to finish the levels, so replayability is decent, and it is encouraged, because you always go back to your hub, and you can replay any level and keep the progress.
Second, the game even presents alternative solutions to objectives when you are roaming around. Some of these solutions are quite funny
Third, the AI is vastly improved, and some old tricks do not work anymore. For example, enemies can climb out of windows, into rooftops, and some can also smell you (particularly frustrating)

I have found three issues during my 20 hour run:
First, re-loading from a specific boss fight brings you back to your hub, so you have to go through 2 different loading screens each time you die.
Second, the game quick save feature does not reset the world, so you may end up saving in a really bad/glitched situation. Just take a minute to look around before saving (alien:isolation comes to mind)
Third, I don't know why the game takes easily 1 minute to boot into the corporate logos (arkham knight comes to mind)

The game includes new elements, while perfecting others, and offering a more open experience than the first instalment (HITMAN comes to mind), while still keeping it raunchy, urgent and very varied. I am ready for the 3rd one, guys.

Some last minute recommendations: get rid of the intro videos using the pcgamingwiki guide, and go into game settings and disable the taunt after every death. I know it may sound funny/cheesy at first, but after dying for the 100 time, it is torture

Posted June 7, 2018.
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Aesthetically superb (and somewhat disgusting) point and click
It takes about 2-3 hours to complete, and includes some action timing events, along puzzles where every object in the scene has a specific function to progress in the game. This makes it fairly simple, and the gameplay could be suitable for children, although the themes may be not, as the game is quite dark, and deals with excrement, blood, death...
7/10 Cool experience and unique elements
Posted May 22, 2018.
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tldr: really good mistery adventure, packed with unique gameplay and a solid story. nice

The best word to describe this game is "unique". It plays like a point and click adventure, but while having pretty innovative gameplay and mechanics. Adding the lack of hand-holding throughout the game, it becomes a very memorable experience.

The big thing about The Sexy Brutale is time traveling, but in a Groundhog Day fashion. There are a lot of crimes to solve, a vast mansion full of hidden passages, and killers roaming around the place. I won't take my description any further, because part of the enjoyment comes from figuring out what is happening and how you can approach the game.

+ Graphics: although they are 3d, thanks to the perspective they play like a SNES RPG. Good stuff across the board
+ Music, and the sound loops in particular: they are perfect, and never feel repetitive
+ Character design: very charming, and some funny dialogue
+ Gruesome elements

~ It is a slow game. There is a teleport feature, highly appreciated after a while, but even that is not enough. You can get bored during your last couple hours walking throughout the mansion.
~ The map feature is really good, but it is missing blocked pathways

- Stuttering from room to room: some room transitions are smooth, and others freeze the game for a second. I guess it has to do with pre-loading different mansion chunks, but I have found moments were I can walk while the room and the transition has not even completed. I thought it was my machine, but after watching some let's-plays on yt, they have the same stuttering in some specific rooms.
- Odd control decisions: having one button for seeking and another to stop seeking, you can't WASD, so you have to right-click to move around, then left click to execute an action not available to register until you get there...

The Steam Controller "start press" and "release press" events are your friend on this one

Posted November 30, 2017. Last edited November 30, 2017.
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Amazing horror game. 3 hours of solid intrigue and scares

Horror inventory-puzzle game.
Amazing story and aesthetics, some really good scares, and thoughtfull ending.
The sound is one of its biggest virtues,
I guess it is about 3 hours if you waste some time trying everything to get some achievements, or just read the dialogue.

+ the sound
+ graphics
+ really good gruesome scares
~ it is short, but the price is fair, and the pace is perfect (it doesn't feel short)
- nothing at all

9/10, waiting for the sequel
Posted November 22, 2017. Last edited November 22, 2017.
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