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~ Will be blocked if you have these problems -

♦Private profile

♦Private inventory.

~ You will only know me as Masa or Masamura unless a close friend.

~ You will be deleted if you -

♦ Ask for games to much.

♦ Ask for my items to much.

♦Annoy me or bother me.

♦If you act so stupid I will disown you as a friend thats a promise and a threat.

~ If you want to play a game with me that I have do not spam me / annoy me about it i will get to you and if I want to play it I will say that I will OK?

~ If you want to trade me for something ask before you try.

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[IFN] Apshai [A] Jul 18 @ 2:52am 
nice dood
And Such Wow.
+Rep Friendly , Gheat Player o 3o
m00nc4ll3r May 21 @ 3:19pm 
There is no such thing as sleep.
m00nc4ll3r May 19 @ 11:42pm 
Why you no look at yo texts?
m00nc4ll3r Aug 27, 2017 @ 4:24pm 
6:23 PM - Masamura ♣™: i am god O 3O
6:23 PM - Mooncaller 🌿 Hourglass: MEH DREM HAS COMMA TRUUU
6:23 PM - Masamura ♣™: your dream was for me to be a god?
6:23 PM - Masamura ♣™: wut
6:23 PM - Mooncaller 🌿 Hourglass: No xD
6:24 PM - Masamura ♣™: xD