LVE Lucy (Vaccinator Collector)
Lucy   Ontario, Canada
Owner of 8.069(nice)% of all Vaccinators in TF2 (according to I have over 135,000 of them.
I've already given away 216 keys, still got 180 to go!
I'm hosting a fundraiser, being for a Vaccinator Cosplay powered by Arkans Cosplay. (steam doesn't like gofundme links, otherwise I would link it)

Also not qualified to give trading advice. I don't know how to trade, please don't ask me.

Join my discord!
My Youtube Channel:

I'm building a computer. If you're interesting in seeing it, click here []for a parts list.

If there is a cheater or a scammer in my friends list, please notify me, preferably with proof. If not, I will justify the answer for myself. Other than that, if you have a problem with someone on my friends list, it's between you and them. Do not involve me.
Noteworthy Appearances
Two videos by Ceejaey
- The MAD prices for the RAREST Warpaints
- This collector owns 5% of ALL vaccinators in tf2!

A video (The people of 2 fort) by Fishtank
A video (TF2: The Lollichop Incident) by Elmaxo

SolarLight signing my headtaker and tweeting about it

Check out my accounts:
Due to have so many ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ alt accounts, I'm unable to list them all on my profile because I don't have enough space. From now on, vaccinator stats and alt accounts will be listed in my discord.
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Lucy V2.0
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Queen Lucy V1.5
Information for Traders!
I have a bot that buys vaccinators now!

Information for Traders!
Unless it is listed for sale, it is most likely NOT for sale. Im sorry!

However, if I have something for sale that you would like, please feel free to send me a trade offer.

I do have alt accounts! HOWEVER All of my alt accounts are ONLY used for storage, and NEVER for trading. Do not accept any friend request from someone claiming to be my alt.

To make sure youre trading with the real me, here are a few things you can check:
-I own a Strange Hellfire Falkirk Helm (1 of 1)
-I own Widowmaker #9 (strange pro killstreak)
-Member of steam since 1 March, 2008 (currently 15 years of service)
-Steam level 111
-I own a Strange pro kill-... just look at it for yourself lol
-I own Fimbulvetr (White gem cool macaw sniper)


I do have atleast 2 impersonators now! Do be aware of who you are trading with, and remember; I only EVER use my alts for storage, and never for trading/discussion! All my inventories/profiles will be public at all times, and, in my discord, is a link to every single alt account that I own (with names) So PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Someone has already lost upwards of 1500 keys from being scammed by someone impersonating me.

Things I am buying
This area represents items I am in the process of purchasing, literally right now.
K = Thousand
k = Keys

Vaccinators! Collection is open again, buying uniques and uncraftables for 1 ref each!

Item Wishlist/Future things to buy
This area represents things I wanna buy later on, basically a checklist so I dont forget ^^

-Golden Frying Pan (Maybe with spells?)
-Disco Beat Down Virtual Viewfinder (Maybe with spells? Chromatic/Voices/Headless Horseshoes preferably)
-Collectors Eureka Effect (With Pumpkin Bombs + Exorcism)
-Strange Factory New Ghost Town Warpaint (4x)
-Strange Factory New Helldriver Warpaint (4x)
-Strange Factory New Fire Glazed Warpaint (4x)
-Unusual Medic Taunts (specific effects. Ask for info)

Other Cool stuff!

My favorite anime is Elfen Lied. That much is obvious if you've seen it.
Heres some of Lucys quotes

-"When you are miserable, you need something that is even more miserable than you to feel good about yourself.."

"You were a happy dream in a life that's been nothing but a hellish nightmare."

My profile picture: "All this time, I’ve lived in hope of telling you how sorry I am, I’ve fought armies, just to have this chance, but now, there’s nothing I can say.."

-"You suddenly appeared in front of me in this hell. The day that I would get to meet you…I always wanted to apologize to you…I only endured because of that! I kept on living."

-“Aren’t we all monsters on the inside?”

-“I’m so sorry for all the sadness I’ve caused you. I’m so sorry.”

Mental Health
Mental health should be everyones #1 priority. Yourself, and others around you.

Being mad at someone because of something they did in a game vs being mad at someone because of who they are, are two very different things.

Just because someone did something you didnt like in a game, does not mean you should wish harm upon them. Yes, frustrations happen. The best thing you can do is either say nothing, or give constructive criticism. NEVER tell someone they should hurt themself, or worse, kill themself. Nobody deserves that.

I may not be the nicest person in MvM because of my limited patience, but I will never wish you to hurt yourself. I do care about people.

The thing is, you don't want to sleep,
but you don't want to be awake,
you don't want to eat,
but you don't want to be hungry,
you don't want to be around people,
but you don't want to be lonely.
you don't want to do anything,
but you don't want to do nothing.
what you really want to do is stop existing, but
you can't do that without dying, and you don't really want to do that either.

The loneliest people are the kindest.
The saddest people smile the brightest.
The most damaged people are the wisest.
All because they do not want to see anyone suffer the way they do.
The one who doesn't care, was once the one who cared to much.

<3 To anyone with mental health issues. You are heard, people do care about you. Ignore the hate, rise above it. You are stronger. You are wanted. :phoenixheart:
Vaccinator Collection, and MvM Information!
AC = Account
T = Tours
Aus = Australiums
PKS/pro = Professional Killstreak Kits
4BC = 4 Box Completions Example

This Account
I'll update this every 10 tours, or unless I drop something notable, in which case I'll update instantly.

T-1: Pro Scattergun
T-2: Pro Medigun
T-4: Aus Sticky
T-6: Pro Minigun
T-7: Aus Rocket
T-8: Aus Sniper
T-9: Pro Rocket
T-10: Pro Scatter
T-17: Aus F.A.N
T-25: Aus Flame
T-38: Aus Flame
T-41: Pro Minigun
T-47: Aus Flame
T-50: Aus Flame
T-63: Aus Axe
T-96: Aus Flame
T-109 Aus Knife 4 box
T-110 Pro Flame
T-111 Pro Flame
T-127 Pro Scattergun
T-208 Aus Wrench
T-216 Aus Blutsauger
T-275 Pro Sticky

All Accounts

(Lucyfer)AC1: T = 275, A = 13, PKS = 10, 4BC = 1, 11BL: 0, 12BL = 0

Tours on Alts (that i've kept track of): 327

(Lucyfer)AC2: T = 322, A = 7, PKS = 7, 4BC = 2
(Yuno)AC3: T = 4, A = 0, PKS = 0, 4BC = 0
(Brallax)AC10: T = 1, A = 0, PKS = 0, 4BC = 0

AC1 Badge lvl: 275
AC2 Badge lvl: 322
Dry Streak Record: 139 (121 -> 260 {On AC2})
Current Dry Streak: 59
Current Total Tours: 602
Current Total Australiums: 20
Current Total Professional Killstreak Kits: 17
Current Total 4 Box Finds: 3
Tickets Donated to Friends: 376
Tickets Given Away: 359
Total Tickets Given Away: 735

Vaccinator Stuff

I did finally surpass owning 1% of all vaccinators in existance, sometime around 09/28/2021 (Around 15,000 vaccinators!!!) (This is an estimated date)

-3% of all Vaccinators, and the 50,000 milestone, reached on 05/01/22!

For more in depth vaccinator statistics, please refer to this google document. [] Feel free to leave me a comment on here aswell :>
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Vaccinator Signature Wall (NFS)
Items Up For Trade
Items Owned
Trades Made
Market Transactions
Vaccinator Signature Wall (NFS)
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<3 u beaaaans
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Thanks zest for lending me this o.o Technically the first gpan ive ever owned, despite it not even being mine lol
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Ty ^^
cool-ass skull with a blunt May 21 @ 6:10am 
i was just looking around for what happened to vaccinator prices on after a friend showed me they costed .33 ref instead of the usual half a scrap for a unique-quality, i was not expecting to find such a massive account at the source and now i feel like i stumbled upon somewhere i shouldn't be

well, uh, while im still typing here, have a good day and i hope you can continue your quest for vaccinator collection for as long as you're interested in it
sentry rage May 19 @ 5:56am 
Silven May 19 @ 5:18am 
no mge brother, mvm brother
much better. but i have no idea who you are
KLohger May 13 @ 4:47am