New South Wales, Australia
Hey, I’m LucasM1911 and I love Bubble Butts, Pweddy Giwl and Guns
(don’t tell the Australian government)
See below for quotes that I made.

*Arrogance blinds people from the truth.

*In order for justice to be served, someone must suffer

*You judge people based on their actions, not always on what they say. Use this and you will be able to spot the nice people from the assholes.

*Terrorists use hostages as leverage to get what they want, if they didn't have any hostages the counter terrorists would just Storm in and kill or arrest the terrorists.

*When you get kicked it the nuts that many times you begin to gain a tolerance for it.

*I've been called a "boomer" by many people. I think I would follow a lot of the criteria, most of my generation seem to have a dislike of these people and show many signs of ignorance when it comes to the older generations. But I don't. The thing I find the most funny is that almost all of the boomers I've met are good people and and quite a lot of my generation are immature and can only validate their lives is by making jokes only they find funny. add to that, the increasing depression rates due to social media decimating kids self esteem, lowering face to face interactions causing most to have poor social skills and making them less resilient when it comes to dealing with stress. All in all, its a very interesting and amusing time to be alive and I got to see it all happen (the rise of social media). People must practice moderation when it comes to social media, I have noticed though that the current generation are the ones that are having the most problems with this and they are the ones that suffer from its effects the most. I've been there done that, I am thankful to have learned it early. so to summarize, I fit the definition of a boomer and I don't really give a shit if people don't like it. I'm much more happy knowing that my personality was crafted over time and troubles rather then this generations culture and what others do. "A personality should be selfmade, not fabricated by anyone or something else".*
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