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We all know Skyrim is amazing, warts and all. No need to explain that. If you like video games and you haven't played Skyrim, you should. Period.

So the question is, S.E. worth it vs Original Skyrim?

And the answer is: yes.

Should it have been priced as a full-priced AAA new release? Probably not. Is there a valid argument that this version could and should have been more improved? Yes.

Is it still the best Skyrim you can get? Absolutely.

If you're not that much into modding, and have a decent PC (it's quite more demanding than the original), there is no question about it. You should buy this version. If you only played it on console, or not at all, you should buy this version.

Enjoy things like taking advantage of all your RAM (64 bit), much-improved loading times (huge deal), rain occlusion, godrays, more stability, better water, and better looks in general, with other (granted) minor and subtle improvements.

The one and only drawback for S.E. imo, that many are endlessly rambling about, is the fact that certain much-needed modding tools haven't been ported yet, and it is not reason enough for me not to recommend this game as the best possible Skyrim you can get.

Because the modding community is amazing, and they're working on it, and you already can use many (and I mean A LOT) of the best mods out there in your S.E. And have a satisfactory run before the full modding potential is unleashed, which will be eventually, and with the 64 bit thing has a much higher ceiling than the original.

If you are a veteran, already poured endless hours on the original PC version and (almost guaranteed, subsequently) are really into modding it, there's an argument to stick with it for a while, but there's also a good chance you already got S.E. as a free upgrade, for when the time comes to move on. So what's with all the ranting? I really don't know.
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