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<-- this picture is not mine and i take no credit for it   Florida, United States
if you're looking for someone, you found them

เŦ ץ๏ย гєค๔ Շђเร ץ๏ย คгє ค гєคɭɭץ รקєςเคɭ รภ๏ฬŦɭคкє

don't need a big name to break the mold to show you who you are♪♪

i like to explore the steam community and other steam profiles and leave a random comment but if you dislike me leaving a comment then im really sorry for doing so ^^;;

I will not add anyone due to the massive bunch i have but they all hold a special place to my heart or at least some xP but im sure others will make it there to! (this means i don't add anybody but you can still add me if your curious about me but curiosity kills so watch out :cure: ) other then that pleased to meet you

im a sonic fan but im not apart of the community and my fav character is tails

these two helped me greatly to make this profile! :fhappy::IronHeart:

Cheese burger

You Reached To the Frozen Graveyard
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Welcome to my frozen profile
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this is what you get for camping even if you were ready for the winter.
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vaporeon nation under go - Public Group
hello and welcome to vaporeon nation under go
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my oc and my good little friends
after beating a jolteon from team rocket the vaporeon took their hat for his own use to hide from them to trick team rocket into thinking they are one of them as they went to find a peaceful life. ( bunch of silly friends i hold dear to my heart EarthSage. [steamcommunity.com] a great buddy i could ever ask for. [steamcommunity.com] are you lost in the Blizzard? [steamcommunity.com] Little Sister. [steamcommunity.com] little flufster. music lover:ftired:. Cheese burger!. a cuddle buddy. a bright red pony. a lazy friend. a busty person a silly friend. a good friend:ss2heart:. a robotical friend. just call him shiny:CitrusSe:. the king of the ocean. Daddy SkrubLord:TikiLove:. a person who gives a heart :necroheart:. my warframe buddy :IronHeart:

i Love this person :cure:

if you have other games that i may have for instances pirate101 league just ask to add me
in if you need help just ask if i have installed.:IronHeart:

Battle Theme:TikiIce:

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I Dare you to click this

i take donations for tf2 metal if you are willing to help some f2p have a few hats if you'd be kind^^

thank you pootis for your donation

my Goal is to get to steam level 50 *Done*

random overwatch stuff. [www.overbuff.com]

you may call me Vaporeon for the summer days or Holiday/maeve for the winterdays if you'd like call me either nickname me of your personal choice or what you know me best by
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how to get the poke girlfriend of ur dreams
Bc 163 10 hours ago 
you should be happy i don't block you considering i don't want to deal with your shit
wowe still wont accept my friends requests, SAD
Shaxx Apr 18 @ 8:32pm 
Mr. Brightside™ Apr 18 @ 6:18pm 
Celsus the centaur Apr 15 @ 3:42pm 
I like them
Admiral FunBuns Apr 15 @ 3:42pm 
Don't fear the reaper.