Loren Tedford   Illinois, United States
CPU= 12th Gen Intel Core i7 - 12700F
Memory= 64 Gb 3200 Mhz DDR4
GPU= Nvidia RTX 3070
Motherboard= MSI MAG B660M
Main Monitor= PG259QNR ROG Swift 360hz

Update 01-29-2022
Playing on ESEA Team https://play.esea.net/teams/8777005
Season 40

Update 11-15-2021
First off Security Alert!! If some one asks you to join a competitive match through a third party site don't do it.. They have some way of getting your username and ip using Vavles Web address and Steamgaurd doesn't help you.. They gain access to it as well at the same time.

Next medically I am doing some what better but still having 3 to 5 attacks a day on my FND you can learn more about FND here https://rarediseases.org/rare-diseases/fnd/

Updated 12-21-2020
I got out of the nursing home.. Still having all sorts of issues from COVID-19.. Very light headed at times and some sort of weird dizzyness.. My feet hurt really bad and all my joints as well.. I am not sleeping very well at night lots of pain.. But thank God that I am alive so far this year has been a very tough year and I hope that 2021 is filled with recovery phase.. I want to walk so bad.. But every time I do with the walker I get wobbly and almost fall.. After the last fall which ended in Emergency surgery in September I don't want to do that again..

Updated 08-19-2020
I am struggling through some medical conditions.. One of the conditions is called Conversion Disorder [medlineplus.gov] It's very scary.. I get light headed whole body shakes then slurred speech please don't judge me in game.. I spent time in hospitals and long term care facilities fighting this problem.

I enjoy playing csgo and meeting new friends. Don't bother adding me if you are trolling or looking for inventory trading it isn't going to happen.. Also I don't like cheaters if you are cheating don't be surprised if I remove you from my friends list.. It's not worth it.. Learn how to point and click it isn't that difficult.. I am a ham operator and enjoy many hobbies outside of gaming and streaming. That is me in my profile so get over it..

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About Me [LorenTedford.com]
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My email loren@lorentedford.com

Start Dates
CSGO Aug 28, 2016
PUBG Sept 3, 2017
Farming Simulator Nov 8, 2016
7 Days to Die Aug 30, 2015
Rocket League Nov 26, 2016
911 Operator Feb 24, 2017
Portal 2 Apr 2, 2017
Tamriel Unlimited Jul 3, 2017

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If you wish to learn more about me you can always visit

Here is my secondary CSGO account Streaming PC: https://steamcommunity.com/id/lorentedford2

I also have a Ubisoft account my username their is lorentedford

I also have a Origin Account as well username their is lorentedford




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4th of July 2022 had issues with auto focus half the time........
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4th of July 2022 had issues with auto focus half the time........
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I love the game I like almost everything about the game with the exception that the anti cheat system has failed and that the users in this game are very toxic. If only Valve could have controlled the cheating issues with in this game.. Officially I have given up with this game I started as a silver four in Aug of 2016 and as of this week I am now back to Silver four.. This is with over 4500 hours in the game.. Not to mention hours and hours of footage watched and researched on how to play the game. My boyfriend purchased this game for me at the time to replace a much older game I use to play called Delta Force Black Hawk Down this game was created by Novalogic back in the day around 2003 ish.. I have played that game since launch and played it all the way up to 2016 well past its die off side.. Personally I am so frustrated with CSGO I had really high hopes high expectations of a game that had an anti cheat and all this publicity about how VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) is the best tool in the shed and that its made the cheating market more difficult. Then.. Valve made CSGO free to play literally screwing anyone that played match making or third party services.. At this point i consider this game a waste of time not worth the money even for the skins.. At the end of the day the cheating scene has ruined this game. I haven't found another game like it to replace it.. Sure I still will play this game from time to time but personally I won't spend much more money into Valve (Skins Market) to play this game.. I will continue using Faceit I think and plan on dropping ESEA in January 2020. I am hopeful that the cheaters are cleaned up with in the game but I won't be holding my breath.. This is my thoughts and opinion of the game from the heart..
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KNXy xoxo♥ Nov 10 @ 10:49pm 
she the best!!!hope all is well!!!
76561199398179468 Oct 26 @ 3:35am 
+rep pretty good player
76561199049150258 Oct 17 @ 9:33am 
your profile looks cool LOL so I thought I'd add you XD
Queenieヽ(◠‿◠🎀) Aug 23 @ 1:33am 
+Rep,add me please^^
Queenieヽ(◠‿◠🎀) Aug 18 @ 4:53am 
hey!add me please
76561199392668840 Aug 15 @ 9:06am 
Signed by me :) lets play csgo