In my dreams you always die.

*DEAD* crazy old maurice : hi my name is inu i played one 6v6 game on tf2center and played 18 minutes of sniper for 4 frags
*DEAD* crazy old maurice : pls pick me for prem 240
crazy old maurice left the game (Disconnect by user.)

get those thicc teeth checked

lil lucy:

dentist cummy

lil lucy:
you always ruin it with your nasty shit


accell [03:43]
u is up to some shenanigans i kno it

inu 2 minutes ago - inu:
I am like a pokemon that says fuck a lot.

Vecomti 1 minute ago - Vecomti:

Vecomti A moment ago - Vecomti:
Objection? Nevermind that, rather, How can you compare that to a Pokemon?

inu A moment ago - inu:
Well I can communicate only using my name

inu A moment ago - inu:
Inuinu inu inuuuu INU!

Vecomti A moment ago - Vecomti:
Oh my god

Vecomti A moment ago - Vecomti:
You are a fucking genius

04:32 - Brick: This is Burke.
04:32 - Brick: It snows 9 months of the year, and hails the other 3.
04:32 - inu.: hello this is dog the bounty hunter
04:32 - Brick: The food grown here is bland and tasteless. The people who grow here are even more so.
04:32 - Brick: h8 u
04:32 - Brick: U RUIN ERRYTING
04:32 - inu.: http://fanmma.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Dog-the-bounty-hunter.jpg whats yo problem
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Bad Rats is that and so much more.

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Okay um we're at an undisclosed, uh, location hiding out basically. Tonight I'm going... "yeah".
Um, we are under attack basically
It seems and now I believe it, it is the fucking serious shit
their science their technology they've got nuts on this. If you notice a speck anywhere I mean there's specks everywhere I mean you know these aren't the greatest glasses but I got very very close.
They've got built in sensors, i noticed something that looked like almost like an alien form of some kind of laser
These things are fucking fully equipped. There's probably hundreds of thousands in each household by now, i mean, the mind boggles
Granted I did smoke a little bit of weed but that's not uh.. I don't think that plays into it
This speck is not a speck. This speck, this little innocent speck is a fucking fruit fly man, a fully fucking equipped, area 51, deadly, dangerous fruit fly and it shoots things such as…
Anyone that refuses to take vaccines? guess what, they're gonna get vaccinated.
Of course yeah you know it's just a fruit fly, it's uh i mean, it's a small enough thing, it's not that alarming
I just saw one. I wanna, you know, I wanna catch one so I could show people what I'm talking about but as soon as I start filming this… there's no more fruit flies

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