I don't accept friend invites.
I don't care if you think it's anti-social or inconvenient.
Leave a comment instead. You risk getting blocked otherwise.

I don't accept random friend requests because people way too often never speak or interact with me after being accepted, and just cluttering my friends list, or abusing it to view content that is otherwise not publicly visible.

Old description :
I make bad addons. :box:
Nothing special. [i.gyazo.com]
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An addon that makes players play sounds upon getting hurt/killed, you can customize models and voices for custom player models, or add completely new sounds to said player models through a settings menu in the spawnmenu.

You can customize the addon in "
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Mr Ragefulness 17. Jan. um 8:24 Uhr 
Is the Police Radio still bugged?
Sayori 15. Nov. 2019 um 23:38 Uhr 
Hey man, I know you said you arent accepting friend requests but I was wondering if you could help a stranger out with the mega upload achievement, since your uploads are awesome (and popular) and im a lazy pos?

I sent an invite, but if you decline I wont take it to heart or anything, im just shooting my shot, ya dig?

On a side note you look like a payday 2 achievment hunter 2, missing all the achieves for the new heists, if you scratch my back so i can get some achieves, I can scratch your back and help you get the last of your payday achieves as I own the DLC.

Thanks if you took the time to read this, hope we can help eachother out! :cupup:

(I can give you a bunch of sh*tty payday 2 skins too I have if you want some sort of actual payment or something lol. Its not much but im shooting my shot)
Zayose 2. Nov. 2019 um 15:41 Uhr 
I have a server on gmod and would like to add you for content.
pbow 21. Sep. 2019 um 5:12 Uhr 
Tekiad 18. Sep. 2019 um 14:02 Uhr 
Hi. I've commented your Sledgehammer post from Workshop (I need to change Damage). Btw, I'm asking for permission too :)
xXx_puffDaKroNIK_xXx 9. Sep. 2019 um 18:52 Uhr 
i hope we pleased the aliens