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16 sierpnia o 10:54
W wątku Noob : How do you turn RTX ON ?
Początkowo opublikowane przez Anstellos:
they made an official statement?
Here you go m8, it's not coming :summer2019flag: https://www.overclock3d.net/news/software/developer_sees_no_reason_to_add_promised_rtx_support_to_assetto_corsa_competizione/1
14 sierpnia o 23:44
W wątku Confused about "Super Deluxe" edition...
Początkowo opublikowane przez Mariangello:
DLC list will be from top to bottom very soon. :)
Everybody want to have everything from the start but this is not how it works in 2019... I don't mind paying a bit over the standard game if DLCs are actually good and you can't live without them as a racing fan (cars and tracks I mean).
Początkowo opublikowane przez alanmagellan:
Пишут лучше с НТС Виве. Не знаю как. но не по карману все энто
Так ведь нет еще апдейта) Через или через два будет, вроде как...
Początkowo opublikowane przez alanmagellan:
Берите не пожалеете. Даже без ВР интересно играть
Что ж, думаю сперва посмотреть на отзывы шлемо-водов. А то есть такой прикол с Окулусом, что могут не завезти нормальнную поддержку их драйверов...
Всем доброго времени суток. Думаю купить игру пока есть скидка + выходит апдейт. Лицензию хочу только из-за VR и мультиплеера! Стоит того?
13 sierpnia o 21:55
W wątku Devs are a-holes
@Mariangello no need to double-reply.You can quote different people and compile them in one.
13 sierpnia o 21:46
W wątku Devs are a-holes
@justinVR I felt it in my guts! Update that people are waiting for + sale to bring them back and also some new ones is a standard practice! Always add all crap that you want to buy to the wishlist and just watch prices to drop. Controversy No Mans Sky is getting VR support (today actually) and it went on sale BEFORE update drop. Codemasters? Hell no, lets milk simracers and then cut it in half cause they aren't happy about it.
13 sierpnia o 21:20
W wątku Confused about "Super Deluxe" edition...
Początkowo opublikowane przez Hiten:
That is contradictory. Try again.
If Super Deluxe appears on the store only after sale, so they can push it for the full price - that is bad. If it's going to be published mid-sale, so I can at least have an idea of how much it would cost - that is a good thing..
13 sierpnia o 13:11
W wątku Confused about "Super Deluxe" edition...
Początkowo opublikowane przez Lucas Buck:
Best advice, don't get this game at all, just play DR 1. I wish I'd listened to this advice when I was given it.
DR 1 got weird wheel FFB and only 3 RX tracks. D4 dont have VR, which I do, so.....

Początkowo opublikowane przez Dani Mcfly:
Your best option is maybe to find a very cheap key of the standard game and then just get the Rally stages on sale :D
I am ok with cureent prices and sale. Just wondering what should I do in order to not over-pay becasue of Codies greediness.
13 sierpnia o 11:50
W wątku Confused about "Super Deluxe" edition...
I don't get it. Should I get arealdy existing Deluxe with 50% off or wait for Super Delux to be added to the store? If so, is it going to happen after the sale ends (which is a d**k move)?

Option 2: get a standart version with 55% off because I already own DR and D4.
9 sierpnia o 2:32
W wątku Hands on the wheel animation in VR?
Początkowo opublikowane przez HeiT°:
In Dirt Rally 2 VR, hands animations is done correctly!
It's DR 1 that didn't have them
That's an answer I was waiting for! Straight to the point!
9 sierpnia o 2:14
W wątku Hands on the wheel animation in VR?
Początkowo opublikowane przez Darkacher:
With wheel rotation at 900° and soft lock on the wheel annimation is the same irl and in game
Are you sure that we both talking VR and not a flat screen gamaplay? Hands were turning ok while playing on a TV but when I am moved to VR this year... Yeah, disappointing to say the least.
9 sierpnia o 1:51
W wątku Hands on the wheel animation in VR?
Początkowo opublikowane przez DonPromillo:
Disable driver. Then the wheel spins correct
Jesus... They really did it AGAIN? I ddin't bought this game yet.
9 sierpnia o 0:25
W wątku Hands on the wheel animation in VR?
Is proper hands on the wheel animation was made for VR mode? In the OG DR hands were turning the wheel only to 90 deg. and it was very annoying to look at, everybody (including myself) ended up playing with raw wheel spinning around. I hope that Codies weren't lazy a$$ developers this time...
29 maja o 10:02
W wątku Already RIP Multiplayer? :D
Competition Server tab shows me that I "live too far away" despite me being located in the Eastern Europe. QuckJoin throws me on a random track that I have to learn during 5 minutes of qualifying (lol) and classic server list throws errors at me that it can't be loaded, please try again later.
29 maja o 8:32
W wątku Ray Tracing
Początkowo opublikowane przez Darth Hippious:
I have 4xRTX 2080ti
Yeah, whatever you say, troll.
29 maja o 7:31
W wątku Ray Tracing
Who cares about this crap in the racing title? :steamhappy:Jokes aside, I didnt heard anything about it. If there is going to reflection, or lighting or whatever. Anyway, this crap will dreacse FPS so much that your will lag during myltiplayer races. And please show me the gamer who would ike to play competetve mode with 40 fps, when somebody else is having like 120-140 just a with a little but worse image.
29 maja o 1:25
W wątku It is 29, where is the release?
Why they can't just put a god damn resale timer on a product page? I don't like those Steam Discussion guessing games.
Jesus hecking Christ! So you telling me that the reason why I bought this game in the first week of its EA life to give devs a little bit of the money in advance, is not going to be included in the final version? Maybe we all were thinking about something wrong but If there is no special weekly and daily events with booking mode and entrance sorted by rating (and I mean real racing, not freaking hotstints and hotlaps), this game officially is just an AC1.5 locked down to GT3 cars and like 3 tracks. There is no Competizione about it. Was having so many hopes since initial news that this game (oh ♥♥♥♥ I am sorry, "the simulation") will compete with iRacing license and rating system AT LEAST on the GT3 side of competitive racing, so I can enjoy it without paying 500$ for cars and tracks.

Should I wait for Project Cars 3? :D
Początkowo opublikowane przez PeeT_Tea:
get your safty rating up to 50 or 60 and join servers who requiere safty rating and the noobs your talking about are almost vanished :)
Yeah I figured out that I need to do some Hotstint's in the special events section and it will raise my Pace rating, so I can finally have an overall Racecraft Rating or whatever it's called.
Początkowo opublikowane przez Priappe:
uhm 1 is superior at 100 o.O is that what u said ?
Of course it's not! That why I said that it sounds "reasonable". I tried to set 1 instead of 100 and gave the same stupid result with randomly placed servers with a lot of them being empty. Can we just go to basics and forget this **** that they gave us... Kunos I beg you :D
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