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Obtain all achievements

Let's look for the treasure of life

Complete the prologue

It's a Wonderful Life

Complete the main story


Play Dungeon & Takafumis

Full mastery

Learn all job skills in D&T

Seasoned warrior

Reach level 99 with any character in D&T

Realm of God

Reach S rank in D&T

Starfish obtained

Obtain the rare item "Starfish" in D&T

Excalibur obtained

Obtain the legendary weapon "Excalibur" in D&T

Hell yeeeeeeeah!!

Answered all of Tomoyo-sensei's questions correctly

Living too fast

Encountered a blonde Takafumi

Everyone was playing?

Made Tomo believe in your lies

The Panda in the Forest

Wrote the lyrics of "The Panda in the Forest"

*Shake* *Shake*

Kissed Tomoyo a hundred times in one day

The Great Detective Tomo

Performed the drama scenario that Kanako wrote, "The Great Detective Tomo"

I've finally come to the land of Japan

Encountered all foreigner Takafumis

A single conclusion

Finished any single bad ending

Welcome back, Takafumi

Completed D&T

Don't fall for me!

Won a battle with Tomo still transformed as an adult

Fuko Master

Completed D&T alongside Fuko

No. 068, possessor of "Melancholy"

Encountered No. 068, who possesses the emotion of "Melancholy"...

No. 071, possessor of "Joy"

Encountered No. 071, who possesses the emotion "Joy". Haha. That's funny.

No. 075, possessor of "Surprise"

Encountered No. 075, who possesses the emotion "Surprise". Is that true?!

No. 081, possessor of "Fretfulness"

Encountered No. 081, who possesses the emotion "Fretfulness". Uh-oh, this isn't looking good...

No. 090, possessor of "Dumbfoundedness"

Encountered No. 090, who possesses the emotion "Dumbfoundedness". Ehhhh~?!

No. 054, possessor of all emotions

Encountered No. 054, who possesses all emotions

Lucky Takafumi

Encountered Lucky Takafumi. Lucky!