Lonewolf Commander
Seamus   New Hampshire, United States
I'm just your Medic Man who with a convenient name With skills and motivation to make you and your team top scoring gods i hope i can help make your games fun!
I'm also your friend mod maker on Motorsport Manager With nice simple mods and a server to even help you out
(Also those from Fatmagic yes im that guy no im not like that all the time Let me heal people and not get yelled at for raging one time)
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Wahhdy Oct 24 @ 5:10pm 
i can make it work
Wahhdy Oct 24 @ 5:10pm 
+REPPPPPP i love you so much
rainsz- Oct 13 @ 2:23am 
added to discuss medigun kit
Esteban[AFK 1 WEEK] Oct 11 @ 4:00pm 
Added cuz trade link not working on bp,tf
drillerman115 Sep 28 @ 3:59pm 
+rep medic main who is also an unhinged and repressed Heavy main
cranberry sauce addict Sep 23 @ 3:50am 
im still a better medic though