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The final game in the series. The final chapter in the book. Danganronpa V3, The end to the phenomenal series. I will be reviewing this game and give my overall opinion on it below. Spoiler tags will be used for spoilers so be weary of them unless you want to hear my opinion regarding them.

The Story. Hands down my favorite part of these games. I just gotten off of Dangnaronpa Ultra Despair Girls and the Anime and so I hopped on V3, The Final Game. The very first thing I noticed was the characters, which felt real to say the least. I've always praised the characters in the past for being good, but they felt cliche. These ones feel real-ish if you catch my drift, Real people don't censor their language, and I'm sure as hell we don't act calm in the middle of a damn killing game. Speaking of it, more creative kills are used, I won't touch upon them due to spoilers, but it's very creative on the writers part. Miu Best Girl. You can't talk about this game without talking about the controversial ending to it. Now I was spoiled hell to back before I even thought about playing the game, but I still think the ending is good. Some say it's ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t, I personally liked it. Tsumugi was toying with them for the viewers, Has Danganronpa until now been meaningless and in the games it was wrote off as fiction? I don't think so. We know the virus and meteorite stuff was ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t, but we will not know. Is Danganronpa fake? Do they escape in the end? We will likely not know as this is the final game.

Gameplay is more or less the same but different. It introduces lies, You can now lie in class trials in order to reach the truth. Along with lying Hangman's Gambit has been revamped yet again and this time isn't utter aids. More minigames in class trials as well which are quite fun. They have introduced a Casino as well, which may or may not be one of my favorite parts of the game. You can spend an almost unlimited amount of time there during Free-Time or in the Main menu which I quite enjoy. There has also been some miscellaneous additions here and there which are quality of life, More areas to run around in, Smack tables for Monocoins, etcetera.

Graphics, like Gameplay is more or less the same but improved. There are more 3D objects and the executions/muders are still as bloody as before. I can't say much here as it wouldn't do much, but it still has the Danganronpa feel with more polish.

Music is phenomenal this time around and you can tell. It definitely evokes more emotion from the player than previous entries. The hype music is hype, and the sad music is sad. Not much can be said, but ♥♥♥♥ Clair De Lune is so ♥♥♥♥ing depressing and I love it holy ♥♥♥♥.

TL;DR This makes for a fantastic ending to a beloved series, I may have rushed through it playing through the entire series in a span of 2 months, but I loved it. The game is great, and I know it has a steep price compared to the others, but it's definitely worth it especially if you are a fan of the previous games. I know this review was short, but I don't want to spoil it for others, Pick it up yourself and do yourself a favor, Give it a try.

If you haven't played the previous games, I highly recommend it and avoid everything regarding the series until you have fully played it, Do not get spoiled.


Posted September 2.
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I usually write reviews AFTER I complete the game, Not this one. I've played it for 10 hours and I already adore it.
Graphics are amazing, but the story and gameplay is outstanding so far. Get it for 15 bucks with DLC and you will not regret it one singular bet.
Posted September 2.
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I'll say it right now. The game at first is hard. like spit in your face hard, You will crash at nearly every single turn, but once you get past that extremely steep learning curve, it is a fantastic game. I came from DiRT 3 to this game out of pure nostalgia, but I was blown away by this game. The graphics look good especially for it's time, but one thing that really bothered me about it was a really blurry sort of effect; Similar to motion blur but constant, a nitpick on my end, but it was super annoying and made it feel like an Xbox 360 port. Gameplay is phenomenal, Turning feels great even on a Keyboard, and driving feels surprisingly natural despite me being an absolute tard when it comes to driving in videogames. It's easy to get addicted to this game, The phenomenal gameplay and outstanding physics are easily a hook for me. One thing you should note is Ice. Avoid Ice at all times, turns the entire game into one huge slip and slide. I got it for 7 bucks on sale and my god it is worth it. The screenshots make it look like an N64 game, but the game actually looks great on ultra especially when driving, but it does have a weird blurring effect everywhere. Definitely pick this game up, If it's fun for a FPS avid zoomer like me, basically anyone could love it.
Posted August 13.
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columbine simulator/emo simulator. every boomer's nightmare. pretty good game in all honestly, good for releasing that gamer rage you feel me?
Posted August 12.
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A masterpiece of a game, I am just too impatient with the calming aesthetic, but otherwise, one of the best games i've ever played in my entire life.
Posted August 9.
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b a l l
m o n o k u m a
Posted August 9.
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Let me start off with one very important thing. This game is so goddamn good, like the first game was amazing, it blew me away with it's story and multiple plot twists, yet this game managed to blow me straight out of the water regarding expectations. I expected some fan-service exploited game on the beach, which yes it does have some Nice moments, its far from that.

This review also contains spoilers for THH, but you probably shouldn't be reading this if you haven't played the first or watched the anime.

The Story. My absolute favorite part of the masterpiece games. Charming characters, a confusing yet deep plot, Characters whom you get attached to but eventually die, etc etc. You and 15 other students awake on a beach, awoken by a pink rabbit named Usami. I won't spoil it any further but my lord, the first games story was gripping, but this one as said earlier, blew me out the damn water. There is no wonder I have 40+ extra hours on this game given its immense and catching plot, I played this one back to back with the first on the same week so I was still fresh off the first one's 'high'. Straight off the rollercoaster that was the THH, I was fairly refreshened to hear tropical music and a cheery cast of new characters Mikan best girl and in the character department, while they don't feel as real or grounded as the ones from THH, They are certainly better to hear than monotone characters *kyoko* drone on, it does feel saturated at times.

Gameplay wise, it took all that I disliked from the first and fixed them completely. The long loading time, The very very very annoying FOV, and the general time wasting parts of mindlessly wandering out, and leaves the amazing parts that I loved from THH. One thing I absolutely HATED was the new Hangman's Gambit, It was overwhelming and plain confusing with stuff coming from all directions. You also have a Tamagotchi type thing on your E-Handbook, which is in all sense of the word annoying BUT, I ♥♥♥♥in loved the thing, It was annoying popping up at all the worst times and desensitizing you from the situation at hand, It was total fun to flush it's ♥♥♥♥ down the drain and give it presents and get a huge payload of Monocoins once it matures.

Graphics; Big focus of games nowadays. This game upped the ante slightly whilst keeping it's 2D Paper-ish theme fresh and damn good with speaking to characters instead of bobbing they spin around, while this is a slight thing, it made speaking to characters feel fun and wonky imo. Major Spoilers -> Execution Scenes. Still as good as ever. I do dislike one major thing for them, They don't feel grounded to reality. They feel fake and fantasy which yes. The game is set inside of a game, the same despair of seeing your waifu/husbando murdered horrendously isn't the same. It feels ripped straight out of a comic book, which yes Monokuma is over the top. It didn't immerse me as much into the executions.

Music. The same despair ridden music which sets the tone for despair and sadness, BUT also has some tropical fun music sprinkled in with the fun. As stated in my last review, it is fun to hear this music as a change of pace from bass filled music thats out nowadays in game soundtracks. It felt pretty, annoying-ish to hear the same music from THH right after I finished it. The game likely wasn't meant to be played back to back so I can understand recycling some music from the first and doesn't effect my feelings towards the game, just something to be noted.

TL;DR Still the amazing continuation from Trigger Happy Havoc. Definitely a fit sequel to the series that improves upon every aspect from THH. If you played THH and enjoyed it, You have to pick this up and give it a try. 9/10 game. I loved every second of it's despair ridden rollercoaster of emotions.
Posted July 19.
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I can say 100% without a doubt. This game is great, really ♥♥♥♥ing great. It rely's on it's ingame theme of Despair, Despair. Your waifu will likely die, and you will feel the despair which is so prolific in this game. The ending, was crazy. It flipped my expectations of the game upside down, I was spoiled countless times, but never would I imagine such a great twist. If you have the money I couldn't recommend this game more enough, The characters are unique beyond what I could imagine, and the twists are unexpected. I know I sound like a shill, but seriously, this game is good, very good story wise and I won't speak on it or the spoilers.

Now, Gameplay. That is where my complains arise. I had multiple occasions of my files corrupting, specifically save files, which hasn't been patched in the 3 years this game has been out. I must also add, The load times are relatively nonexistent, but whenever you enter a room it renders in thing VERY VERY slowly, but that is likely the 2D element of it working it's charm and is a nitpick from me. Other than my nitpicks and general annoyances, The mixture between Visual Novel and Adventure is quite charming, Exploring a school, meeting people is fun, or you could ignore them and completely miss out on skills which are useful during Trials, Something which is VERY spoiler heavy so I won't touch upon.

Onto Graphics, which are a great focus of games nowadays is very unique in this game. I love the 2D paper-ish theme of speaking with people and roaming around the school is very cool and unique. Another thing with a whole other style is Execution Scenes, They have their own asthetic of darkness and hopelessness, Very dark and gritty. Plus the blood is pink for some odd reason, likely to cooperate with localization laws.

Music is good. Great at times, Loud and earrape-y during others. I have it quite low as I try to focus, but sometimes it still gets quite earrape-y but that is just me. The music though is quite good, It has an anime asthetic, weird to some, approachable to others. I find it quite good and a nice change of pace from the normal bass filled music we usually hear in other games from its time.

TL;DR its ♥♥♥♥ing good get it if its on sale or you got $20 lying around

If I had to give this game an out of ten rating, I'd easily say 8/10. It has its ups and tons of downs, but not in the bad way, you feel what the protagonist feels and the Despair which some characters feel, Comedic relief is everywhere to cool it down and that is fun, especially with Monokuma.

Posted July 12.
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Picture this.
You're Driving at 12AM, Flagstaff to Sacramento, You have plenty of time and free as the wind. Do you speed and deliver your package, or do you look at the Beautiful scenery. Endless amounts of gameplay, It does get boring but that is my low attention span. If you have time and a will to do it this game can be one of the most beautiful games and calming games one can play from my experience.
Posted June 30.
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Hot as ♥♥♥♥ Chicks? Check. Capitalism? Check. Visual Novel and RPG elements? Check. English VC's with voices accurate to character design? Check.

just buy it. cured my depression and it will cure yours. also it was on humble for a dollar and i can happily say it was the best 100 cents ive ever spent in my entire existence
Posted June 20.
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