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💬 A fun and kinda deep village strategy with rougelike elements.
Thoroughly recommended.
- - - - -
🔼 Good village roguelike.
🔼 Enjoyable encounter card game.
🔼 Research, crafting, resources, stats.
🔼 Different stats impact different challenges. You may have the best fighter squad known to man, but they can be worthless in a social challenge.
🔼 Enjoyable art and interesting setting.
🔼 You can easily adjust the difficulty of the game to your liking.
🔼 The different gods are not very varied ability-wise, but they add a slight amount of flair to how you play the game and open up interesting dialogue/event options.
- - - - -
🔽 There's a lot of clicking and dragging.
🔽 Can't save the crafting recipes you have discovered, forcing you to remember them (like if you want extra +Speech stats) and a lot of extra clicking and dragging.
🔽 Some sorting functions are missing, like if you wanna sort your villagers by how much Will they have. There's only one sorting and it's by class. But there are attribute filters and they are very useful (even if you have to mouse over every character separately to see their stats).
🔽 Can get a bit repetetive and grindy sometimes.
🔽 You can't relocate your village (which is a good aspect too) but it can lead to a lot of restarts when you find out that you've gotten a bad starting position, like not having enough food or high quality wood around you. You can of course send out expeditions to gather resources but it's undoubtedly much easier if you can just gather them from the village.
- - - - -
💭 One achievement (the 30 kids one, "Baby Boom") is a remnant from the earlier game versions where the children didn't grow up. Now they sometimes grow up fast, and as such it's very hard to get this achievement through just playing the current game. I think the most kids I had at one time was 14 or 15. But if you tinker a bit with the event editor you can create a few events which will make you get this achievement.

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Have a nice weekend my dear friend! :hpulse:

Buen Finde Master!:lunar2020contentgoat:
Salem Servant Jul 16 @ 5:43pm 
You can't believe all the things I've done wrong in my life
Without even trying, I've lived on the edge of a knife
Well, I've played with fire, but I don't want to get myself burned
To thine own self be true, so I think that it's time for a change!

:tank_fire::hot::tank_fire::hot::tank_fire::hot::tank_fire::hot::tank_fire::hot: https://youtu.be/d78d-yeUcd4 :tank_fire::hot::tank_fire::hot::tank_fire::hot::tank_fire::hot::tank_fire::hot:

Have a nice weekend my friend! :sectarymask::ok_abs:

Buen finde mi querido! :sectarymask::ok_abs:
Salem Servant Jul 10 @ 8:30pm 
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:toadPepe::toadPepe::toadPepe::toadPepe::toadPepe::toadPepe::toadPepe::toadPepe::toadPepe: https://youtu.be/qAOjPsvE8mc

Buen Finde Master!:lunar2020contentgoat:

Have a nice weekend my dear!:lunar2020contentgoat:
gatekeeper⁴²⁰ Jul 1 @ 12:33pm 
happy Canada day!!! :canadian::_r_::_o_::_c_::_k_::mordheimfist::_o_::_n_::OTTTD_Rockon::canadian:
Salem Servant Jun 29 @ 3:21pm 
"You, you. Give me, warm. Give me, soft."

Que tengas buena semana y destroza esa cartera virtual en la summer mi querido! :lunar2020contentgoat:
Have a nice week & happy summer sale my dear friend!:lunar2020halodragon:
gatekeeper⁴²⁰ Jun 20 @ 10:49pm 
to fathers and those with fathers... :canadian::_r_::_o_::_c_::_k_::mordheimfist::_o_::_n_::OTTTD_Rockon::canadian: