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"Come along with me..."

I do not accept accounts that are less than level 5 in Steam, but, if I played with you, i could accept you. Comment before adding.

I'm a Cloud Sixteen staff member Cloud Sixteen [www.cloudsixteen.com]
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Highlights from me and my friends

Esteban, a.k.a JTAC, Raiden, or "Pedazo de gilipollas, sígueme" -" Lo que da vueltas me pone muy nervioso porque da vueltas.- 30/12/2017"

Yo, Lobo: -"You see, no eco, yes win!.- 04/02/18"

JAMJARA94 a.k.a Jara: -"You see, gotta go fast, yes win!.- 16/02/18 23:29"

Yo, Lobo: -"Ur mom gay, TROCK.- 14/04/18, 19:55"

Yo, Lobo: -"there are sad things in this world; it's sad, yeah, i know it's sad, w-wait, what do you say? so you ask me for what is sad, well, the sad thing is she won't love me anytime, that's sad, but, best thing is that, instead of buying her chocolates i will be renovating my brazzers subscription, and that's so cool because it's like you were with more than 1000 pornstars, that's ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ better than a girl that will leave you in bout 2 weeks.- 12/06/18, 19:25"

https://gyazo.com/1c3b03b37529209d292d16475618f9d3 -- 01/07/2018

-" Habeis sido traidos aqui para haceros constancia de lo que pasa aqui.- Lobo 2017" -
-" Lo que da vueltas me pone muy nervioso porque da vueltas.- Esteban 30/12/2017" -
-" Qué admin abuse.- Ninjam 11/06/2018, abusando de Putuhamed en mi TS" -
-" Creo que Chisma tendrá el sv abierto pero lo tendrá cerrado.- Saxy 16/06/2018" -

-"Mataguiris y su prueba teórica para acceder a mi lista de amigos.- Mataguiris y yo 17/02/2020, puto Mataguiris https://gyazo.com/6c9ce42044830a075dcba6a1cc64ebf9 ; https://gyazo.com/59e0aff0f2fb94c4c8c8f0dd867b9262 ".-

sábado, 18 de agosto de 2018
Lobo: os vendríais al insur ahora (o mas tarde?)
ninjam: si?
Lobo: vale?
ninjam: ts?
Lobo: vale?
ninjam: xD?
Lobo: jaja?

Momentos de la polla en HL2RP:
(soy ethan/i'm ethan)
[OOC] Ethan Miles: I'm a tree. Trees don't move. Trees don't use /adminhelp.
[OOC] Reuben Clark: trees dont do //
[OOC] Ethan Miles: Trees do //, trust me.
[OOC] [SA] Chris Carter: o ♥♥♥♥♥
[OOC] Anna Ghillen: i killed a tree with a hunter today, so ethan will be the next tree
[OOC] Amber Rose: w h a t
[OOC] Ethan Miles: Trees can hide in bunkers. I'm a tree. I hide in a bunker.
[OOC] Anna Ghillen: be a shame if that bunker was bombed
[OOC] Ethan Miles: Bunkers can hide in bunkers. My bunker is a bunker. He hides on a bunker.

(I'm Daniel)
[OOC] Daniel "Zulu" Mason: Me piro chavales, que soñéis con el 3, buenas noches <3.
[OOC] Antonio "Walt" Wolf : Y si sueño con el 2?
[PM] Daniel "Zulu" Mason: te dejo
[PM] Antonio "Walt" Wolf : y con el 4?
[PM] Daniel "Zulu" Mason: suicidate
[PM] Antonio "Walt" Wolf : ok :,v
[PM] Daniel "Zulu" Mason: esto va para mi perfil
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╠═MOBO: MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC
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╠══GPU: XFX AMD Radeon RX 580 GTS XXX Edition 8GB GDDR5
╠══RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000 PC4-24000 16GB 2x8GB CL15
╚══PSU: Corsair TX650M 650W 80 Plus Gold Semi Modular

╠SSD: SanDisk SSD Plus 480GB SATA III
╠HDD 1: Seagate BarraCuda 3.5" 2TB SATA 3
╚HDD 2: WD Green 3.5" 500GB SATA3 64MB

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