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Everyone is a monster to someone.
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Sportsman, Amateur Boxer, Lo Siento Capitán, Inexperto amigo, Amateur guitarist, Defend Pop Punk, SAMCRO, ISTP.
James Flint is my favourite badass character.

Spotify [open.spotify.com]

My Spotify Playlists

Neofolk-Atmospheric Black Metal [open.spotify.com]
Neofolk,Neoclassical Darkwave,Doom Metal,Ambient, Post and Atmospheric Black Metal.

Defend Pop Punk [open.spotify.com]
Pop Punk and also Punk Rock songs.

Emo Revival [open.spotify.com]
Best Emo Bands.

Favorite Bands: Hypnogaja, Rise Aganist, Anti-Flag, Hundredth, Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral, Social Distortion, Alkaline Trio, Days of the New, Harakiri for the sky, Midnight Odyssey, Violet Cold, Lake of Tears, Thurisaz.

My Playlist:
Türkçe / Turkish
- Barış Akarsu (Herşeyi Yak)
- Deniz Yılmaz (Durduramazsın) - Reisten Parodi Pop
- Kurban (İnsanlar Albümü der geçerim) - Türkiye'nin en iyi rock grubu.
- Çilekeş (Yetmiyor)
- Dorian (Bakma Yüzüme)
- Mor ve Ötesi (Sevda Çiçeği)
- Magilum (Ölümümden Kimse Sorumlu Değil / Giden Benim)
- Almora (Kaf Dağının Ardında)
- kafabindünya (binlerce özür)
- Deli Gömleği (Yeniden Doğsam)

- Hypnogaja (Misery)
- Rise Aganist (Methadone)
- A Day To Remember (All I Want)
- Anti-Flag (This Is The End)
- Yellowcard (Breathing)
- Bad Religion (American Jesus)
- Sunny Day Real Estate (Pillars)
- Mineral (Unfinished)
- Penfold (I'll take you everywhere)
- American Football (Never Meant)
- Billy Talent (Rusted From The Rain)
- Millencolin (No Cigar)
- The Offspring (The Kids Aren't Alright)
- Story of the Year (Sidewalks)
- Foo Fighters (Dear Rosemary)
- Social Distortion (Angel's Wings)
- Days of the New (Dirty Road)
- Travis Meeks (Limited Eyes)
- The White Buffalo (Come Join The Murder)
- Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers (This Life)
- Dropkick Murphys (Rose Tattoo)
- Against Me! (Baby I'm An Anarchist)
- Gideon (Overthrow)
- Counterparts (The Disconnect)
- Hundredth (Break Free)
- Parkway Drive (Blue And The Grey)
- Alkaline Trio (I,Pessimist)
- Pennywise (Fuck Authority)
- Jimmy Eat World (The Middle)
- +44 (Lycanthrope)
- The Ataris (The Boys of Summer)
- Tigers Jaw (I Was Never Your Boyfriend)
- Real Friends (Late Nights In My Car)
- Thursday (Signals Over The Air)
- Silverstein (My Heroine)
- Thrice (T & C )
- Saosin (Seven Years)
- The Used (The Taste Of Ink)
- White Comic (This Ain't The End Of Me)
- In Flames (Come Clarity)
- Beyond Creation (Omnipresent Perception)
- Eluveitie (Thousandfold)
- Narsilion (Dreams About the Eternity)
- Anathema (Angelica)
- Candlemass (Solitude)
- Nightwish (While Your Lips Are Still Red)
- Blind Guardian (Nightfall)
- Demons and Wizards (Fiddler on the Green)
- Empyrium (The Days Before the Fall)
- Alcest (Autre Temps)
- Dargaard (Thy Fleeing Time)
- Darkwood (Caucasian Tales)
- Nox Arcana (Lost In The Darkness)
- Cold Weather Company (Fellow in the North)
- My Dying Bride (For my fallen Angel)
- Saturnus (All Alone)
- Uaral (Eterno en mi)
- Harakiri for the sky (Thanatos)
- Eldamar (Spirit Of The North)
- Midnight Odyssey (Starlight Oblivion)
- Violet Cold (Anomie)
- Caladan Brood (Wild Autumn Wind)
- Coldworld (Suicide)
- Draconian (The Solitude)
- Lake of Tears (Forever Autumn)
- Thurisaz (Years of Silence)
- ShamRain (Black November)
- Opeth (Burden)
- Evanescence (My Immortal)
- Beth Crowley (Warrior)
- Red (Pieces)
- Sleep Dealer (The way home)
- Lilium (Sleep inside)
- Frames (Don't Stay Here)
- Over The Ocean (I Will Be Silent)
- Starset (My Demons)
- Future Skyline (Fallen Hero)
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Everyone is a monster to someone.
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