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https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198162755452/ R.I.P My friends account. His account got hijacked. The hijacker tried to scam me, he ended up unfriending me and blocking me. I hope I can find him back again.

I stole ur memes

Trading goal reminders : max severed head, Strange Professional Killstreak Ambassador, strange professional killstreak kunai knife
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
:Downed:Hello! Did you enjoy my lenny face?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Welcome to mah profile it's super kawaii and mlg as always. I am Yoseph | Llakelley..... Yeah, just wait you'll find more info. about me. I am a friendly weeaboo, may or may not bite.:steamhappy::Downed:

Age: 4. No worries, I'm a big boy now with a big c0ckz

Languages: Italian,Spanish,English.

Gender: Both ;)

:TikiFire:Warning this is very important info.:TikiFire:

:tsmile: I'm a very toxy user

Friending:High chance, I wouldn't add back if i'm not interested, please do not spam me or beg for any items, please don't message me out of the blue or when i'm playing. I get distracted too easily and causes my game to lag. After all, i'd add back anyone if they just spam my comment section with random shit :^)

Trading: Please, don't give me random bullshit or attempt to scam me you'll be a waste of time, that's right clock is ticking i'll die soon.

and some other shit...

Online - Looking for hentai,search for new waifu's probaly stealing ur waifu
In-Game - online dating on tf2 or some other game
Away - Watching video's or staring at anime girls(probaly copying things from other people)
Busy - Watching hentai. Away - Watching video's or staring at anime girls(probaly copying things from other people)
Snooze - Sleeping, if you wake me up fam i'll kill u
Offline - Unavailable, samething as snooze
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My favourite new binds and sayings!
*DEAD* Unremarkable TheDarkShade : Ms.Llakelly gained fuck boy and no respect
Probably Hitler : im beating my meat on you shgurr
*DEAD* 『Diego Hus-Brando』 : Diego Brando is the best JoJo husbrando. He is a beautiful british lizard man, anyone who disagrees has shit taste.
Punch : elsa likes that dildo huh
i only need a knife to kill: hey dude my jews escaped again how do i capture them
i only need a knife to kill: oh shit wrong person
some bloke: acquier a shekkel farm and use the profits to attract them into opening bank accounts with they real names
Shgurr : mafioso can u not admin aboose
*DEAD* Shgurr : thats so stoopid
Ms.LlaKelley ❦ : like me
Shgurr : u eat icecream while bustin a nutt
a meme : i smell cum and cocaine
Ms.Llakelley ❦ : thats goin in the montage
*DEAD* いいね! : subscribe to creeperkidplays minecraft99
*DEAD* Suhron : thats going in the cringe compilation
*DEAD* いいね! : i big retarded
いいね! : no pls
いいね! : subscribe
The Justified Banana : I reported your youtube
いいね! : thats going on my miencraft incest play
いいね! : my yotube dusent even exist yo ufat faggot
Ms.LlaKelley ❦ : u guys are probably losing because of that noob sniper
Ms.LlaKelley ❦ : why would u be a bad sniper in a 3v 3
Ms.LlaKelley ❦ : Thank god im on blu, and not with that sniper :)
big "chicken" deshawn : you braindead nigger
big "chicken" deshawn : youre name is stupid
(note before calling me brain dead please use correct your)
ddos: loli cum dumpster scat
ddos: oops this isnt google
ddos: Ms.LlaKelley ❦: im going to fuck my dog and cum in its nose
*DEAD* Freddy : bathtub shut the fuck up
*DEAD* Freddy : thanks
*DEAD* FreddyFucker9000 : freddy i love u please suck my dick
*DEAD* FreddyFucker9000 : freddy lets make love
*DEAD* Freddy : no
*DEAD* TheFeigningNinja : this is some entertaining content tbh
Talkyfam : ^
*DEAD* Rebel я не русский : ( ͡° ͜ ͡°)
*DEAD* TheFeigningNinja : this is why i play jailbreak
*DEAD* Freddy : yes i agree ninja man
Freddy [STEAM_0:0:60636067] left the game (Disconnect by user.)
(freddyfucker is me, he is a youtuber his name is freddy210hill :))
n The P00tis italian : screw you
Mr. Luci : lol ur bad italian
Unusual MrPerfect : STOP
Mr. Luci : learn how to properly backstab

(TEAM) Ghostly SirSilverKnight : yLOL
(Member) meatball : ( ͠°ل͜ °)
The cute crashbash2000 : lol
*SPEC* Khioneus : or just soccer
(Member) fat boy : lo.
Bush Wookie [Retired] Assassin Wolfer : LOL
Loli Snowy : stop breathing on your mic
(Member) Sage_TF2 : pussy
Type !credits to see how many credits you have
Ghostly SirSilverKnight : N I C E '
The cute crashbash2000 : el oh el
Loli Snowy : ffs
Kawaii Steavegopoop : hahahahhahhahahahaahaahahaahhahahha\
The cute crashbash2000 : jjjajajajaja
(Member) meatball : trickstabs < just shoot eh ball
Loli Snowy : rekt

IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : dont try little noob
IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : why cant u admit it
Lil' Dani : why is it 89 to 49 then
Lil' Dani : ive won ez pz
Lil' Dani : lemon squeasy
IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : with a lot of cheating
Lil' Dani : like how?
*DEAD* Lil' Dani : how?
IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : camping
Lil' Dani : camping?
Lil' Dani : no one said no camping
IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : and useing soldier when i use sniper
Lil' Dani : lol so
IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : thats cheating
Lil' Dani : u used sniper when i was sphy
Lil' Dani : spy
Lil' Dani : thats cheating
Lil' Dani : any more other reasons though
Lil' Dani : /rtd
Lil' Dani : ok
IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : i use weaker items
Lil' Dani : wtf?
IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : and u use stringer
Lil' Dani : im using stock right now
IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : me to
Lil' Dani : Strange doesnt buff up the damage
IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : like with the soldier
IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : i could onlu attack with shovel
Lil' Dani : so? i then changed
IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : yeh bt u still cheated
Lil' Dani : well thats ur fault
Lil' Dani : thats not my fault
IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : na
Lil' Dani : u saying that its my fault for u picking only a shovel to fight
Lil' Dani : thats ur fault u fucking silly boy
Lil' Dani : tell me how is it cheating if u picked a shovel to fight
IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : dont make fun
Lil' Dani : i didnt tell u to pick it
Lil' Dani : thats ur fault
IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : i wanted to prac
Lil' Dani : well why are u practicing in a 1v1
Lil' Dani : see i clearly won
Lil' Dani : youre so bad at defending ur self
IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : with cheating
Lil' Dani : how?
Lil' Dani : explain how
IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : like ur attacking when im typing
Lil' Dani : why are u typing in arena
IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : and when im changing my class
Lil' Dani : type in ur spawn
Lil' Dani : thats not cheating u stupid shit
Lil' Dani : lol thats ur fault
Lil' Dani : why are u changing while were doing a 1v1
Lil' Dani : thats not cheating thats u being bad
IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : im fucking unfriending u
IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : goodbye
*DEAD* Lil' Dani : for u being bad and im proving u wrong
IAteUrCookieXd trade.tf : my ping is full bitch <==== he doesnt know what ping is
^ i beat this faggot in a 1v1 sniper,spy,soldier fight

Fluskeroni : Lil dani is having an autism

Sans : well i dont mock people when i get salty about literal shite
Sans : you could feed him his own ass with his finger
Side Quest Man : more bullshit that my ex girlfriend from club penguin
Side Quest Man : Sans is an acryonynm of Sick ass Nigger Sit
Sans : ooga booga im salty

Rosé is Bae : let's ram them as hard as my daddy did when i was 5
dragon beast : kat is a fag
Llakelley : kat can i get a sundae with a cherry on top pretty please?
KatTheTrap : no you had diabetes bitch
K_DogBro : Heckle yes
KatTheTrap : eat carrots

*DEAD* Doge : lake you only idiot act this minigame idiot and you a free killer
Communist Spy : and ima chew ur shitter like an apple fritter
(TEAM) λZombineλ : holy crap Uriek you god

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pls gimme everything :)
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I am but I’m busy so it won’t be until later tonight
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I cant tell if hes a nice guy or a rude guy

But nice profile
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Just offer me
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okay add me im tryna trade it
average wife beater Feb 9 @ 7:23pm 
Only for max severed head babe