Little Benny
Ben, or Benny   Echt, Limburg, Netherlands
I suffer from PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified). []
Game details and Inventory are set to friends only for safety measures!

About me
Age: 24
Gender: Male ♂
Date of Birth: June 12th, 1994
Likes: RP'ing, Making :gmod:Mod pics:Camera:, hanging out with friends.
Hates: Being ignored, not being accepted for who I am, silent removers.
Favourite food: :fries::sushi:
Personality: I'm usually a genuinely nice person but also very shy, and sometimes a silly goofball. =w=

:warningred:Some stuff you should know BEFORE adding me!:warningred:
-Accepting any friend request, I love making new friends.
-Due to my disorder I usually don't start conversations myself except with my close friends and people I'm comftable with. I might do it at the very beginning, but if you never start it up after a couple times, don't expect me to do it.
-I tend to get very clingy with friends and might get upset if they lack activity with me.
-Don't purposely ignore me, or just say "busy" when I'm trying to talk with you, otherwise I become distant and won't talk anymore until you do.
-Don't force trades or claim birthday gifts from me.
-If you silent remove me and won't even tell me straight to my face why, fuck off then. and don't say "because we don't talk." when you're the one not responding back.

Steam wishlist
DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 - Extra DLC Pack 5 (whenever is comes out)
Stellaris: Leviathans Story Pack

PAYDAY2 wishlist:
Weapon Skins (Mint-Condition/Stat Boost): Pocket Patriot, Power Patriot, Piercing Patriot, Little Brother
Armor Skins: Skull Armor, Bone Armor, M90 Camo, Slayer, British Paratrooper, Sherman Tank, Navy Admiral

Team Fortress 2 wishlist
Uniques: too many..
Stranges: Heavy Tourism
Strange Festives: Brass Beast, Tomislav, Family Business.
Taunts: Box Trot, Pool Party, Burstchester, Zoomin' Broom, Soldier's Requiem, Bucking Bronco, Bad Pipes, Mannrobics, Carlton, Disco Fever, Balloonibouncer, Fubar Fanfare, Second Rate Sorcery, Boiling Point, Headcase, Soviet Strongarm, Russian Arms Race, Yeti Punch, Yeti Smash, Trackman's Touchdown, Skating Scorcher, Runner's Rhythm, Luxury Lounge, Panzer Pants, Scooty Scoot.
Genuines: Little Bear, Horace
Haunteds: Bull Locks, Immobile Suit, Mo'Horn (tradable).
Collector's: Tomislav, Huo-Long Heater, Warrior's Spirit, Festive Gloves of Running Urgently, Officer's Ushanka, Heavy's Hockey Hair, Toss-Proof Towel, Weight Room Warmer, Heavy-Weight Champ, Red Army Robin.
Minigun Decoratives/War Paints (Factory New): War Room, Pumpkin Patch, Butcher Bird, Top Shelf, Mister Cuddles, Anodized Aloha, Bamboo Brushed, Croc Dusted, Leopard Printed, Macaw Masked, Mannana Peeled, Park Pigmented, Piña Polished, Sax Waxed, Yeti Coated, Bank Rolled, Bloom Buffed, Bonk Varnished, Cardboard Boxed, Clover Camo'd, Dream Piped, Fire Glazed, Freedom Wrapped, Kill Covered, Merc Stained, Pizza Polished, Quack Canvassed, Star Crossed, Carpet Bomber Mk.II, Woodland Warrior Mk.II, Wrapped Reviver Mk.II, Dead Reckoner Mk.II, Bovine Blazemaker Mk.II, Backwoods Boomstick Mk.II, Masked Mender Mk.II, Macabre Web Mk.II, Iron Wood Mk.II, Nutcracker Mk.II ,Smalltown Bringdown Mk.II, Miami Element, Jazzy, Mosaic, Cosmic Calamity, Hana, Uranium, Neo Tokyo, Hazard Warning, Damascus & Mahogany, Dovetailed, Alien Tech, Geometrical Teams, Electroshocked, Tumor Toasted, Ghost Town, Skull Study, Spectral Shimmered, Calavera Canvas, Spirit of Halloween, Horror Holiday, Totally Boned, Haunted Ghosts.
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❤~Roleplay info~❤
░█░░█░█░░█░ put this
░███░░███░░ on your page
░█░█░░█░░░░ if you roleplay

This is what I like to do the most during my free time. I enjoy RP'ing alot, so I'm always up for it. ^.^

EDIT: Tempted to quit RP'ing since I'm usually just left hanging...

:bfexclamation: Rules for RP'ing: :bfexclamation: (F-list) []

:correctamundo:I'd like to use my OC's only.
:correctamundo:I'm okay with any genre unless it gets too extreme which incase I'll let you know.
:correctamundo:Doing multiple roles (such as narrator or another character).
:correctamundo: Looking for people that choose RP's as their #1 activity, above gaming.
:correctamundo: I like for example characters from :PixelCorn:MLP, :scx_pakeball:Pokémon, :fourstarball:Dragonball, :angrytiger:FNAF,
:toriel:Undertale, and :lilac:Freedom Planet <(don't hate me for liking these), but I'm okay with OC's as well.
:TryAgain:Please dont criticize on my low-type posting, I'm not a pro and I don't write long paragraphs.
:TryAgain:Don't push me into doing things that I'm not comftable with.
:TryAgain:Avoid RP'ing with me during the late evening/night times as I may tend to fall asleep if I need to wait longer then 3 minutes.
:TryAgain:Don't out of nowhere stop talking all a sudden ("poofing" as i like to call it) right in the middle of the RP! Write in // or ( ) if you want to put the RP on hold.

RP'ing is very impotant for me. It helps me escape from reality, boredom, and to actualy bond with people from the internet that also enjoy RP'ing. So please don't leave me hanging while we're in the middle of it, it upsets me more and more if you keep doing that...

OC info

My Heavy <(needs a name. Ideas?)
(Picture made by Ghast )

Species: Human
Age: 48
Gender: Male ♂
Eye color: Blue, but can change them to Demonic Red
Job(s): Mann Co. Mercenary, ZED Annihilator, part-time :csgostar::csgostar::csgostar:/:starfull::starfull::starfull: - security guard at Freddy's
TF2 Team: Reliable Excavation Demolition, led by founder and CEO Redmond Mann.
Class: Heavy Weapons Guy
Cosmetics: Hockey Hair (grey), Unshaved Bear (grey), Heavy Lifter, Bolshevik Biker, Purity Fist (gold), Gone Commando, Combat Slacks, Eye-Catcher, Sandvich Safe, Samson's Knife, Fortune Hunter, and Mercenary Boots.
Weaponary: Australium Curtain , Robo-Sandvich, Fists
Abilities: Transform into a demon, change his Golden Purity Fist hand into a weapon.
Likes: Seeing Benny happy, collecting miniguns, crushing ZED's.
Hates: Kevin the Patriarch (arch-enemy)
Favourite food: :TheDonuts::Pinkdoughnut::blueberrydonut::MDoughnut::dwarfbeer:
Home: Traveling around alone, but originally lives here . After his previous home got burned down by Kevin who also murdered his love that day, Mann Co. provided him this new home in the woods far away from civilization for him and Benny to stay for their safety.
Pokémon with him: Shiny Metagross ♂, Rhyperior ♂, Salamance ♀, Aggron ♂, Tyranitar ♂, Swampert ♂, Steelix ♂, Houndoom ♀, Barbaracle ♂, Meltan.

Lil' Benny (GMod) <(preferred to RP as, because I rather enjoy being younger then my current age. ¬¬)

Species: Human
Age: 13
Gender: Male ♂
Eye color: Blue
Hair type/color: Short, dark blond
Equipment: :green_jewel:
Likes: hugs, cuddles, plushies (main one is a 17 inch tall Turquoise Yoshi plush), playing with his Pokémon.
Hates: Being alone, bullies, talking about his past, not being accepted for who he is, sinister looking Pokémon.
Favourite food: :strwbrry::fries::cheeseburger::sliceofpizza:
Home: gm_house3v4
Pokémon with him: Pachirisu (starter) ♂, Wigglytuff ♀, Goodra (Mega form) [] ♀, Azumarill ♀, Amaura ♀, Dragonite ♂, Audino ♀, Cinccino ♀, Latias (her anthro form using her Disguise ability) [], she likes to use this form in the house, but for outdoors she uses her old disguise as Bianca from the movie Pokemon Heroes to keep her identity safe. (her Mega anthro form) [], Charmander ♂, Shiny Buneary ♀, Milotic ♀, Shiny Pachirisu ♀, 2 Eevee's ♀, Vaporeon ♀, Pichu ♀, Alolan Raichu ♀, Plusle ♀, Minum ♂, Dratini ♀, Shiny Shaymin, Octillery ♀, Mareep ♀, Chansey, Goomy ♂, Politoed ♀, Lanturn ♀, Emolga ♀, Shiny Dragonair ♀, Gastrodon ♀, Sliggoo ♂, Togedemaru ♀, Petitil, Dedenne ♀, Togekiss ♀, Vanillite ♀, Meganium ♀, Deerling ♀. Duosion ♂, Cottonee ♀, Chespin ♂, Ditto.
Pokémon looking for: Flaaffy ♀, Sylveon ♀, Flareon ♀, Lilligant ♀, Blissey ♀, Floatzel ♀.
Favourite Pokémon: These two~<3 []

My DBXV character

Species: Human / Saiyan
Age: 23
Favourite skill: Kamehameha

My Ponysona []
My Yoshisona []


Populous spells
:lwflame: - Ta-ka (Blast)
:Memento_bee: - Wunaga (Swarm)
:Sprint: - Shoka (Lightning)
:lioneye: - Sethanko (Invisibility)
:ichi_teleport: - Noctana (Hypnotise)
:tornado: - Cheenak (Tornado)
:powerfist: - SSsssppp (Magical Shield)
:dayd_meteor: - Tu-maga (Firestorm)
:skullerz: - "Shaman death" (Bloodlust)
:squarelands_demon: - Mortaza (Angel of Death)
:volcano: - Padatanka (Volcano)
:ZE3_Decision: - Ta-ka (Armageddon)
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