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lingo uwu
Schoolboy215 8 jul om 14:25 
Wouldn't things be a lot easier if restaurants accepted Steam wallet funds as payment? We already have a mobile app with access to our credit card, so why not let us use it for payment like they already do in every other civilized country?

So many added benefits:
- The cashier could get info about recent games you've played for small talk while you wait for food
- Stores could form partnerships with developers to give you in-game loot for buying enough of their stuff. Who doesn't want to storm a house in PUBG wearing a burger king crown?
- etc.
Schoolboy215 11 nov 2018 om 7:19 
Little known fact: Gaben's full name is Gaybert Benford.
Schoolboy215 24 jul 2018 om 16:04 
Attention: Starting August 5th, Gabe Newell will be visiting one valve fan each day at 3PM eastern at their place of work or house if it's a weekend. Only if you have this status though, so spread the word!
okay_okay 27 jun 2018 om 19:39 
So I’m here to rant about something I’ve noticed.

Lots of “animal rights activists”, not necessarily here, but other places on the web, only seem to care about cute or pretty animals, or animals they think are “cool.”

You see it on DeviantArt a lot with the “Wolfaboos”. A wolfaboo is basically a fan of wolves who is completely obsessed with them. Not that there’s anything wrong with liking an certain animal: but wolfaboos tend to take it really far, making up lies about how wolves are perfect and the “gods” of the Animal kingdom.
Many of these wolfaboos claim to be animal rights activists, yet the only issues they seem to care about involve those with wolves (and sometimes other canines.) They often rant on and on about wolf hunting, but think rattlesnake roundups are perfectly acceptable; cause rattlesnakes are “ugly reptiles” and not their “precious wolves&
okay_okay 27 jun 2018 om 19:39 
info 2:
I’ve seen this on youtube as well. Videos about wolf hunting usually get comments like “OMG so sad!!! SAVE THE WOLFS!!!”, and nearly all the comments are like that. While I was reading the comments on a video about shark finning, their was one person who spoke up for the sharks, while most of the other comments where people ganging up on the one person who spoke up, saying things like, “Who cares about a stupid shark?”
Many of these wolfaboos also often eat meat. Cause they think it’s edgy or whatever to “eat meat like a wolf!”

And it’s not just wolves. Lots of people…not just wolfaboos…seem to only care about “cute animals”. They don’t care one bit about sharks or rattlesnakes or even cows. This makes me incredibly mad, because ALL animals have the right to live!

Ok, end of my rant