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Storm   Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
In honor of my family. To those whom passed and live on in my life.

I stream daily at times around 4 PM til 9:30 PM est and 11 PM to 4 am EST
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Welcome to Wings of Vi. Whats your flavor of difficulty? You want it nice and simple? Want to stroll through the game with Little difficulty? Be an Angel. Want a nice balance of difficulty where your skill is put to the test at around every corner and all the enemies take more hits then before? Be an Mortal with Wings or do you find that the other two difficulties are for wimps and you prefer to go all balls deep into this game and face everything head on with 1000% more difficulty. You Dare Devil you.

No matter what difficulty you pick, your skills are put to the test. Your Reflexes are challenged and your thought process of your brain will work overtime to overcome most if not all the challenges there is in Wings of VI.

In Wings of Vi. You play as an Angel named (Insert title name here that begins with a V) A charming platformer that take cues from Platformers of yesteryear and which trials and error is needed to play this game.

Don't fret about dying. Its going to happen. You will let it happen and you know what?

It will be all your fault killing that poor angel in the mouths of demons, fire of demons, claws of demons and more over....Deadly pits of bottomless abyss.

So do you have what it takes to tackle this game? Go for it....

If you dare....... Muhahahahahahahahah!!!!~*Coughs up blood* Ah excuse me had a demon down my throat choking the life out of me.

Take care angels and Be the Angel you wanna be!
Because I want be the Vi.
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