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[h1] Welcome to Grave l stone! [/h1]
A mining facility that was popular for its high amount of gravelstone, which it also has been named after.

For years has been gravel mined and delievered from this place to the Mann family.
However, on o
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A brilliant (new) gem under the Pixel Indie Adventure titles.
A game so innovative that it's going to take you beyond its boundaries... literally.
The term "4th Wall Breaking" gets a completly new meaning in this unique, yet interesting story, which will not only make you feel like you are an essential part of it, but also get you hooked.
Truly, a game unlike others. Be prepared for some goosebumps and mind-blowing moments.

I could describe this game even further, but that would just spoil everything. If you want the genuine and best experience, you should just give it a try and play it already.

Just keep one thing in mind: This game heavily focuses on the story and its various characters and their development. Don't expect too much gameplay due to its primary focus. But this game just proves that intense gameplay isn't everything to make a game fun and entertaining.


Alright, so the game just received a content update, and without spoiling it, the game has become just a lot more better... and intense. I can't even remember when I played a game the last time that was so emotional and thrilling, but it must have been a lot of ages, because this game is just a master piece even for its short gameplay.

Absolute Must-Buy if you're a fan for stories & character (development).
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[DFS] Lt. Charizard Jan 19 @ 11:39pm 
ah fair enough, we can talk about it at some point then!
Light08 ☆ Jan 18 @ 2:05pm 
I didn't unfriend you, but that hacker probably didn't enjoy the prank I pulled on him lmao.
[DFS] Lt. Charizard Jan 17 @ 8:28pm 
hey light im sorry but i was hacked cause i was a dumbass, if its ok you can friend me again
Bunry Jan 9 @ 4:53pm 
the reason im adding you is because i liked your profile in general.
Light08 ☆ Jan 4 @ 5:55pm 
Krikke Jan 4 @ 4:14pm