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Tears Mar 30 @ 6:39pm 
You knew it was going to be casual, DICE said it was going to be casual. Just ♥♥♥♥ off back to BF4 if you don't like it. You can still do as well or better than you could in BF4, you're just mad because less skilled players actually have a chance of fighting back and killing you now. It's a GAME, EVERYONE who buys it needs to be able to feel like they are succeeding, even kids, people with disablities ect. If your enjoyment comes from seeing other people fail over and over again and knowing that you are the best person on that server, then maybe you're playing the game to stroke your ego rarther than for fun. If a person with bad reaction time, or a mental health issue's only way of getting kills and feeling like they are worth something is by throwing grenades, then i'm all for giving that person MORE grenades to throw. Deal with being blown up a few times, deal with being killed by grenade spam and be HAPPY that those people are having fun.
Muska Mar 16 @ 7:09pm 
Hi Bby
Tears Apr 19, 2016 @ 12:01am 
-Rep never responds to my love messages, hates talking to me. Used to bring Light into my world now is just a bulb that has shattered in my distant memorys of battlefield 3. This 24volt bulb that once shined in my world now burnt out. Rip Light you will forever be remembered as my one true love.
Tears Oct 21, 2015 @ 8:34pm 
-rep never online, never wants to play anymore just cya light your