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:Platinum__Medal: Season 25 :ab_englishflag: EU HL Plat Med Sub: Suffocating Rubber Rabbits
:Platinum__Medal: Season 24 :ab_englishflag: EU HL Plat Med Sub: CW4
:platinum__medal: Season 23 :ab_englishflag: EU HL Plat Med Sub: 0FO
:platinum__medal: Season 22 :ab_englishflag: EU HL Plat Med Sub: 0FO
:silver_medal: Season 21 :starsandstripes: NA HL Silver Med / leader: CSn (8-4) 4th Place / Finals
:silver_medal: Season 20 :starsandstripes: NA HL Silver Med / leader: CSn (4-4) 9th Place
:medal_r: Season 19 :starsandstripes: NA HL Steel Med / leader: CSn (6-4) Quarter-Finals
:medal_r: Season 22 :starsandstripes: NA 6S Steel Med Sub: CSn

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:Trophy2: Nations Cup #5 :ab_englishflag: HL Med Sub : Ireland
:RideMedal: Season 12 :ab_englishflag: HL Mid Med Sub: NORLY's Rockets Love You

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:Trophy2: Mannco.Trade :starsandstripes: NA Prolander One Day Cup Div2 Med / leader: CSn
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:walrus: Casual / Pubs:

(TEAM) JAMEStheGREAT3 #UGA22 : lia thanks for being an actual god medic

MajesticToast : ty lia for being a great medic
MajesticToast : Couldn't have won without ya ^.^

ViciouslyAwesomeness : shoutout to lia for keeping our whole team alive <3

Shud : hello, kill their med
(TEAM) Shud : but now their med is on our team so we'll be ok

(TEAM) Baris : ty med your the best

im not a weeb : medic carryed us

Mojomaster101 : I love u long time medic

Very Clean Guy : When the other team has a demo with a krit pocket medic, that's when you know it's time to give up on life

00:37 - Kamil 'ring: You were the best medic I could've hoped for


STAL3N [GR2R] : oh fuck it's lia and warpy again

STAL3N [GR2R] : 'gotta take out that medic' -everyone on red
STAL3N [GR2R]: there was a lot of sighing and "we gotta get that medic"

Dank0h : That ubersaw... I even said I got rekt. You and your demo friend are nasty.

*DEAD* LePoodleWithLeNoodle : I have to say this guy is hacking he has to be
LePoodleWithLeNoodle : That is impossible to charge up Kritzkreig that fast
LePoodleWithLeNoodle : He ALWAYS has crits
*DEAD* Heads will roll. : when does he not have crits
LePoodleWithLeNoodle : He never doesn't have crits

PewPew : You better share Lia with me or I'm unfriending you

xtatic : it's thousand hours demos with kritz pockets

xtatic : alright blu
xtatic : you're about to get destroyed by these guys

(TEAM) Bannection : This is the greatest team I've ever played wiht

*DEAD* Deer-butt McHeadlights : kill the demo and medic
*DEAD* Deer-butt McHeadlights : Fuck yo butt medic [he said this to me 4x]

*DEAD*(TEAM) Jordan : kritzkriegs

(TEAM) ScudFXX : thanks for the dankness med

sol : medic ftw

Doctor : kick csn hes gonna tryhard

Mecha Tomato : holy shit that red medic
Mecha Tomato : and his unusuals
✭ B l a d e ✭ : He's what we call
✭ B l a d e ✭ : a professional

Jigglin J : i cant be the only trying to go for the demo medic couple so gg

*DEAD* dawn. : 35 and 28 killstreak
*DEAD* dawn. : god damn they carry
<FoFap> PeopledMage : they're both really good at the game
dawn. : fax
*DEAD* modiskibum2 : u guys r so good

steever : is blue really that good?
CSn| Lia_Rein : just lia
Warpy : lia rein is really good everyone add her

*DEAD* Medicine Flavored Pop Tarts : wtf is he using
*DEAD* Medicine Flavored Pop Tarts : thats broken
Warpy : lia
gizmoturtulez : kritz and sticky

Medicine Flavored Pop Tarts : what the hell is this demo using
Warpy : Lia makes you good
Medicine Flavored Pop Tarts : thats dumb broken

Medicine Flavored Pop Tarts : warpy is so fucking carried
Warpy : its all lia
Medicine Flavored Pop Tarts : warpy is super fucking carried
Warpy : i am but an instrument of which lia works through

*DEAD* Frost the cat engi : always has crits

The Heavy Duty Lumberjack : Medic your arrows are fucking awesome

DEAD 「 断頭:ghost:」 : this is rapey af
DEAD 「 断頭:ghost:」 : this is WRONG

Nondescript Bear : This red team is 100% demo/medic

Kool-aid Jammers : I do hope you realize you guys are getting carried by that one demo and his medic
Zerkaim : works for me
Broach : Thats fine lmao
Zerkaim : i hope you realize youre losing to that one demo and his medic

(TEAM) Scorchie : i can never forget how you pubstomped me half a year ago

=(eGO)= Tea : our medics carried too

21:45 - Vinni: it must be hard being the medic that everybody wants right lia xD

*DEAD* BurntWick : why does that medic always have uber


(TEAM) bobby_boy_1999 : med is credit to team

Nursey: This medic, she mains medic and plays medic all day. She prob has her spy volume boosted to max.

Durkhaz: The parable of the good Samaritan also known as Lia: "I heal burning scouts"

:8bitheart: Critsandvich:

01:11 - CSn| rem-fingerman: so proud

*DEAD* CSn| Duke_Jahu311 : [A] CSn | Lowsound : All it takes to pop CSn is for Lia to rally her fledglings

Gwynbleidd : we are all lias bitch

01:16 - Csn| BowlingWithButter: If Lia had been there the server wouldn't have died

01:33 - 1#Scrub: you got that gaggle of nerds that follow you around

08:20 - CSn| Diethro: good lord, the stat tracker says you've deployed almost 200 ubers today

No Shame : i blame lia for being op

-FAP- Call Me Fishmael : lia mvp

[D] bernt : lia gets all top 3 mvp

06:03 - 2w.MoonDoggy: lia rein is such a good medic, I can never stab her

Anthid : I got rekt by lia the medic main

21:45 - Shoutzo: i am honored simply to be on lia reins friendslist

21:59 - [CSTF]Ryan: Once I got Lia on my friends list I got the achievement for "Friends List 100% Complete"

really mad r n : ur my fave admin lisa

15:42 - Birk: another nerd soul saved at the LiaRidge Nerditentiary

Gwynbleidd : we have snow and lia
Gwynbleidd : ez game

Ultimate Cookie : nice shot liea

Csn| Happ : does this please you now lord lia

Ultimate Cookie : NICE UBER LIA

12/30/2016 3:26 PMBalubish: Lia is the best

12/30/2016 3:25 PML0wsound: Lia's the best at explaining anything
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Lia_Rein Aug 7 @ 6:29pm 
Thanks! :) Hadda get that mean spy :P
pixelpirate Aug 7 @ 6:01pm 
good pybro
Chernov Jul 25 @ 7:55pm 
Fat Russian man is just easy to play, but thank you.
Lia_Rein Jul 25 @ 7:31pm 
Lol thanks, you were a nice carry
Chernov Jul 25 @ 7:17pm 
Good medic, would scream at for heals again.
alec Jun 28 @ 7:15pm 
+rep a great medic and was fun to play with in casual :steamhappy: