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Every game game in existance is going to be plagued with hackers and glitch abusers given enough time once the game is released. Rainbow 6 is no different in that quality and in my eyes makes it another competitive shooter that is starting to die. CSGO went the same route in a simmilar fasion, R6 at this point in time is plagued with many of both hackers/glitch abusers to the point it has become unfunny.
Server degradation is a normal thing for all games, but for R6 siege a AAA title owned by Ubisoft Montréal with a corperation net worth of a whopping 3.69 billion dollars, who themselves cant seem fit to run even 64 tick servers (or servers that dont degrade after a days worth of use) or run hot-fixes while their servers are down. Battlefield franchise does destruction features pretty well, Ubisoft needs to take a look at that as their destruction features are all CLIENT sided, meaning the destruction might not end up on your side of the game leaving a reinforced wall completely untouched but broken from a Thermite on the other side with an easy headshot on whoever was unlucky enough to recieve the "client sided destruction"
Another issue of the lackluster 32 tick servers (as quoted from ubisoft devs (The current servers run at a tick rate of 64, but the position of players is updated 30 times per second)) take a guess as to why most shooter games run at 64 ticks per second for me and tell me why this AAA title is still running on 32 or less ticks per second and wont upgrade to anything higher
let me just leave this here as it was my source of tickrate issues as a cite~
Posted July 16, 2018. Last edited May 15.
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This game is neglected at this point, seems the devs dont even play their own game, relies on the people playing to get the map errors with a map that in all honesty didnt need an update, just needed to be refined, you know which map I'm talking about Dust 2 the staple of CSGO the map every player knows even if they dont play the game cause of the renditions for Gmod and TF2. reskinned the map and changed the aspect in the fact thats it's now an uneven map.

The VAC system is trash kinda like a mock security camera for a bank, need to impliment a system ban (like how Xbox does, you hack in there you get a system ban meaning you cant go to xbox live rendering the system useless) but we all know they wont because it makes them money when hackers have to rebuy the game in bulk when they get one account banned. Overwatch is lightly incentivised with XP but personally I've never seen the XP given to me after a multiplayer match.

Out of my 1200 hours I have acheived a max rank of LEM and most of the smurfs are from that rank they go into silver matches on alternate accounts (the system ban idea here would be good as only one game account could be linked to the PC) and prey on the new people taking the ELO from them and forcing them into what all players call "silver hell" youre stuck in there untill you learn what role you can carry with or meet a good combonation of people that can carry eachother out of silver hell.

once you get ouf the silver ranks you are awarded with the Gold Nova rank, it's what all silvers wish for to get out of, the hell that most are eternally stuck in (so much so that people make alternate accounts to get out of with fresh elo ranking) only to get matched three times with hackers/smurfs and derank stuck back in silver hell because of the algorithm
of the match making system.

(This review was made at 500 hours) Alrightie, where to start with this game.
The baseline community can be toxic at times which is to be expected from a competive team based game.
The other half of the community are people who will try their hardest to succed at whatever they are doing and are for the most part very friendly. (something you dont get at lower ranks)
The only issue at this point is the lack of VAC software, sure we have overwatch but it wont always catch everything and the system at which people are overwatched is sub par at best.

(This review by a broken person is at 1809 hours in game all comp with max rank of LEM) I have seen the integration of alot of questionable buffs/hotfixes/weapon balances, the negev was the sign of the end, R8 was a reasonable balance with faster firerate with lower accuracy over distance. MP5K SOPMOD was added, really odd though it has a simmilar spray pattern to the M4A4 but backwords and smaller with near identical damage falloff to the MP7. The new maps I never played but looked decent enough though I was scared to touch them because I was told mid-area computers couldnt handle the after effects of the map. Dangerzone (battleroyal) was another questionable decision they went from an average of 455,000 people daily, most of which vets with other 1K hours. They gained roughly 310,000 people for 18 days on a steady decline. The vets who put time (and some of them love) into the game dealing with the failures of the devs were rewarded with a single token with the inscription Fortius quo Fidelius (strength through loyalty) and we are considered Lab Rats to the devs of the CS:GO team, and the straw that broke the camels back was the fact that the game became F2P and the ones who had recived that token I mentioned, (hacker or normal player) were given Prime Accounts, and to much of everyones suprise (heavy scarcasm here) hackers are now a rampant issue among the community and probably accounts to the steadily declining numbers in player count. But wait, we all got free skins for trying the new game mode (wasnt stress tested and crashed AMD processor computers launch and start up) that surely makes up for the feeling of being nothing but another lab rat to the devs.

I belive with most of my certainty that this will be my last review of Counter Strike Global Offensive with most of my faith in the devs or the community coming back to the game that used to be my personal go-to when I had nothing else to do.
Posted May 5, 2017. Last edited December 26, 2018.
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Most call it hat simulator, some call it a F2P joke. I tend to call it one of the better FPS games I have ever played, I sunk in 1,008 hours into it and I honestly have not gotten tired of it in the slightest. As of late the Valve team for TF2 has been neglecting it to a ludicrous extent with very poor gameplay changes and the removal of quickplay and the addition of competitive play. I feel that the Valve team lost a good amount of people to this as TF2 is not a competitive style game, it may be for some but quickplay was where you would find the friendly F2P players who need a nudge in the right direction to find the class that fits them the best. They removed that aspect and it makes the game purely competitive and any new player coming in will not see TF2 the way it was around a year ago and I am saddened by that fact.

Hopefully the Valve team will wake up and see that TF2 isnt a game made purely for competitive players, but the casual and even noobish players and need to return the the simple formula it once used as it's basis for a game that has withstood the test of time; 9 years.

In any case I feel the game is still something that can be polished up, but it is still a game with trying because of the people you meet.
Posted November 29, 2016.
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