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Lewis   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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7 year Steam veteran

Former Administrator at InfiniteRP
Former Supervising Administrator at ExodusRP
Former Supervising Administrator at InsurgentRP
Former Community Coordinator at Hedex Gaming

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[FL:RP] WhiteWolf Sep 12 @ 8:50am 
cool guy
Slaint Jul 14 @ 8:56am 
Please respond, I am the mother of a 9 year old that you played Minesweeper with. After your [One "vs" One] match with him he came home with a sore back, not too long after that he got diagnosed with autism out of the sudden, my child has always been very loquacious and talktive, it all started changing after your match please tell me what happened in your private lobby, i tried joining the lobby but it asked for my credit card information for some reason so i didn't trust that, Please don't take offense in this but the internet is a wild place nowadays you can't trust anything anymore. more importantly tho, i await your reply, please contact me at "My_Kid_Has_Autisim@Hotmail.com" if you happen to read this.
Slaint Jun 11 @ 10:17am 
even more abuse
Slaint May 31 @ 4:24pm 
Yellow May 15 @ 6:16am 
This guy knows how to cook a headcrab jambalaya, so he's probably a good guy or something.
76561198129948847 Mar 31 @ 5:21am 
Need to have a quick chat. Please accept.