Leprechaun Jack
Welcome to Hell   Bedfordshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Money is not everything and that as long as you live, be a good person, because in the end there is only death with the memorys you left behind.
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My discord: MrWorkingMan#1475 (so if its not this then its not me)

Im Jack. Also known as James.

I used to Host/Run TF2 and Rust servers. Also had my fair share of map making for TF2.

I work as a class 2 driver aka HGV or LGV.
So from that my hours online can chandge alot so if i dont respond soz :p

I like to help people in any way i can. May not seem like it but i do

You can bet i make mistakes alot so get used to it

I used to host and be a part of Overlords before it turned into a promotional group.

Well now that that ♥♥♥♥ is out of the way let me tell you a tale of old.

roses are red violets are blue everything is permitted and nothing is true

blades are for skating you dingas

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2800keys for gpan?
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the thing doesnt use petrol
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Looking to discuss green energy merc's mohawk