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Howdy im a Freind and Brother of Asriel Dreemurr. If you don't know who I am, then I'll just give ya a brief introduction: Howdy! My name is Leo Dreemurr i am a gamer a MLG child MLG pro doger and i normaly play Undertale but i Finished the hole game am waitinCHECK MY REAL NAME BEFOR YOU ADD ME all i have to say really so uh Bye online:free to
talk away:sleep or gone or someone made me sad busy:makeing game on gamejolt or gamemaker offline:mad rules: 1st:no spam on comments or chat with me 2nd:no wanting me to hurry up on videos 3rd :dont spawn camp me on a vs ageinst me 4th and last:dont say your gonna hack me when your not; when my username is Leo the buddy (in twisted mode);oh and if you are my freind and you have 7.49 or over gift me sonic lost world and also im in a band

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imma luigi numbada one!
i want to talk to you.
Fang Jun 27 @ 2:26pm 
Yeah..I remember you.
Fang Jun 12 @ 2:29am 
...I remember you from somewhere.
xXlandfishXx/leo Feb 15 @ 6:48pm 
yall sorry i was offline i was not mad or stuff my pc didnt work
so yeah BYEE :steamhappy: