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Look Ma

Hit a ship with an unguided missile.
Unlocked Sep 10 @ 3:24am

Secondary Pilot

Unlock the alternative liveries.

Wiped Out

Eliminate a ship.


Destroy 20 mines.


Activate a shield before it auto deploys.


Land a plasma shot from a far distance.

Free Refill

Place mines as you collide with an opponents mines.


Eliminate a G-Tek while playing as Tenrai.

Media Blackout

Eliminate an Omnicom while playing as Diavolt.

National Pride

Eliminate a Diavolt while playing as Omnicom.

Clean Race

Complete a custom race with weapons turned off.

Practice Makes Perfect

Perform 50 laps in a single Speed Lap session.

In The Zone

Reach Zone 50 in Survival Mode

Zoned Out

Reach Zone 75 in Survival mode.

Airbrake Master

Perform a perfect run on Arrivon Peak, Time Trial, Spectre Class, Nexus

Precision Perfect

Obtain a gold or better medal on all precision tracks.


Perform 100 perfect laps

King of Snake

Beat 0:59.17 on Ishtar Citadel Forward. Time Trial, Toxic Class with Nexus

Community Loyalty

Complete 100 races with custom ships

Pimp my Ship

Unlock the neon liveries.


Unlock the clean/stealth liveries.

Enter Reality

Unlock the barracuda Model S.

AGL Champion

Get at least a gold in every campaign event.

AGL Master

Get a platinum in every campaign event.

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