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Farm, farm farm farm. Farm.

Posted November 26, 2019.
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Neato tacito.
Posted July 6, 2019.
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It's a game.
Posted November 21, 2018.
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It's a game about literature, and reading.

So pay attention.
Posted November 23, 2017.
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is a third-person action shooter developed by Digital Extremes, set in a sci-fi space theme borrowing many aspects from the game Dark Sector the player along with a group of other Tenno must restore balance to the solar system with the old style of Gun and Blade, other factions will show up in the solar system and attempt to stop you through their own means and goals.

The Tenno have been in cryogenic sleep since the Orokin Era, and have been reawakened by The Lotus with the tenno having no memory of our past. The Tenno now awakened from centuries past, must now help balance the solar system that is in absolute chaos.

Warframe allows the player to feel like a true space ninja running around through the system and slaying anything that stands before you, watch as you fly from wall to wall decimating anyone who is within your sights, blow them into chunks, or even mow them down with mass amounts of gunfire. Not to mention that each Warframe has their own set of abilities to use at their disposal.

Positive statements about the game that should encourage the player to look forward to playing the game.

Free to Play - Who doesn't love Free to Play? It's a game you can play all the way to the end without spending a dime, not much can be said for other F2P games nowadays.

Space Ninjas - The idea that you can run on walls, roll, slide around, and hop about while shooting at other enemies or even dicing them will bring in a lot of people from games with similar mechanics. (Gunz, Ninja Gaiden.)

Lots of Content - There is a lot of content in this game, a little TOO much. Ranging from level tilesets, weapons, warframes, companions, syndicates, gear, and clans. It can be a bit overwhelming, but that also means that there is so much to do and experiment with including a large variety of weapons.

Constant Updates - Every few weeks or sooner Warframe is updated with something small or big, whether it involves a global event or a small event, or perhaps even some new weapons. Something interesting is usually happening in the universe of Warframe. But not every developer is perfect, as bugs to manage to slip into every major update given to this game, and thankfully Digital Extremes is quick to push out hotfixes for major issues.

Lore - Warframe is medium on lore and has it's own story going on as you progress into the game through quests, codex entries, and events. Major factions are constantly fighting each other, some revealing lore to the player intentionally or unintentionally as the fight for the solar system goes on. Reading into the lore on the wiki is definitely recommended if you're a lore fanatic.

Friendly Community - The community is warframe is friendly at most days, while you will encounter a select few who may give a bad experience or someone who generally doesn't know what they're doing, the community is rather generous and more than willing to offer help towards newer players. Even to the point of gifting them equipment if the player is feeling generous enough. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you're a newer player.

Different Playstyles - With a large selection of weapons, warframes, and companions you will have different playstyles mainly based on your Warframe as each of them come with their own abilities. At the time of writing there is 23 Unique warframes (Discluding prime variants.) each with their own seperate abilities, most of these abilities enable the player to fill some kind of role within the team.

Neutral statements that do not fit into any other category and should be considered as a general warning.

Premium Currency - Platinum is the paid currency of this game, and no free to play game would be able to survive without some kind of premium currency. Thankfully this game does not force you to purchase Platinum, however this can get highly annoying as Weapon and Warframe slots do cost platinum (Although the player starts out with 50 - 150 starting platinum). With enough skill and gear, the player can trade off weapons and equipment to other players for platinum currency enabling them to use it for a better purpose. However as many veteran players will state, any player is highly encouraged to buy platinum if they recieve a 75% discount.

Lack of Information - Warframe will have a sharp difficulty curve, not informing the player of a lot of mechanics, features, or general statistics in the game. The in-game codex will explain the basics of the game such as crafting, mods, damage, clans, pvp, and a little bit more. However specifics such as skill effectiveness and statistics are not listed and must be looked up. This is not a large issue but will confuse a newer player until they learn otherwise.

The worse side of the game that will be a problem for most players, and should be taken into consideration.

The Grind - Probably the biggest complaint coming from any player will be the grind. With the massive amount of content that comes with Warframe, there is a large selection of Warfames, Weapons, Companions, and Gear. Getting to a high ranking mastery is a long and tedious task when you need to rank up a weapon you don't desire, or find a certain companion unuseful to most situations. (See: Mastery Fodder.)

Unsatisfying Features - Some features do not feel as fleshed out as they could be and need to be worked on and as such a good example of this is stealth, at the time of writing if one enemy gets alerted in a room then all of the enemies get alerted regardless if said enemy shot at the player. Bodies go unnoticed and general invisibility from certain warframes will not concern other enemies when you make noise, bump into, or interact with objects. There are other examples such as Specters, Parkour (Being worked on), Augments (Subjectional), and Auras.

RNG - RNG is a cruel mistress. RNG stands for Random Number Generator, and is the system that decides what reward is given or what loot is dropped from an enemy. This can spell trouble for both login rewards and end of mission rewards as RNG in Warframe is very hit or miss at times, to the point where the player may be running the same mission over and over in hopes that it may drop one single piece of equipment. Because of this, players may end up frustrated over the lack of a straight forward way of achieving progress.

This game should be played with a group of friends and a handy guide of information at your side, you'll have fun blasting through groups of robots, space marines, and infested things with your friends than by yourself. It's fast paced, satisfying to destroy entire groups of enemies, and an absolute pleasure to band together in and just have a ball.

But beware Tenno, the grind is real.
Posted December 28, 2013. Last edited November 23, 2016.
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Polly Pocket Fortress Two is an enjoyable F2P game that has a variety of classes which can generally dominate one or another, with (mostly) balanced classes and weapons it can be an interesting F2P Experience.

Obligatory Hat and Robot Reference. Beep boop, must buy more hats. Hurr durr.
Posted July 24, 2013.
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"Getting ran over by an ice cream truck is not an actual Fatality" - SomeGuy

Combining all three of the greatest arcade classics for the Mortal Kombat series is simply genius, especially when you can compete online with other players around the world, while showing off your 1337 combos that involve Kabal doing a backflip and turning people into babies as his head comes off whenever you attempt to uppercut.
Posted July 24, 2013.
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From directors and developers from the Diablo series comes TorchLight II, an awesome diablo-like RPG that you can pull in 5 other friends and completely smash enemies with. Good co-op fun with RPG elements, and more importantly having your very own pet ferret called 'The Ugly Duckling'

While having a dog named Poppy may be more suitable, sometimes variety is nice.
Posted July 24, 2013.
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Duck Souls is a frustrating game that will become the most ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ difficulty change in your entire life, it's a game about patience and understanding your enemies attacks with a rewarding sense of accomplishment and exploration.

Oh and drinking sunkist over and over.

Praise the sun.
Posted July 15, 2013. Last edited December 28, 2013.
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There is something about the idea of mods gathering Spec Ops and Terrorists to defeat Goblins, skeletons, farmers, and Zombies that appeals to many many people, to the point where your server is packed with 30+ people filled with knights, guns, swords, bows, machine guns, grenades, watermelons, and screaming men battling other beings in a glorious fight to the death with wave after wave.

Thus: Full Invasion 2.
Posted April 27, 2013.
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