Kendra Myatt   Niles, Michigan, United States
:health:Heya, The Name's Kendra. Its A Pleasure To Meet You.:medicon:
Credits go to Vexic for making this profile pic :cure:
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Heya Guys, Welcome To My Profile. (Updated: Feburary 11th, 2018)
Welcome To The Profile Of The Biggest Fan Of L4D2 And TF2.


A Couple Of Things About Myself
:health:Name: Kendra Myatt
:health:Age: 20
:health:Gender: Female (She.Her.Girl)
:health:Birthday: June/20th/1997
:health:Favorite Colors: Red And Black
:health:Relationship Status: You don't need to know.
**If I'm Taken, That Means Don't Hit On Me NOR Ship Me With Anyone Else!**
:health:Personality: Strong, Kind, Caring, Nice, Understanding, Shy, sometimes Nervous, Very Patient, Very Friendly and Supportive to all of my Friends
:health:Health: Autism
:health:Ethnicity : American
:health:Favorite Games: Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod
:health:Hobbies: Playing Video Games, Drawing, Writing Stories, Making Gmod Pics/SFM Posters, Role-Playing With Friends, Listening To Music, Watching YouTube Vids
:health:Favorite L4D Survivors: L4D1 Zoey and Francis L4D2 Ellis, Nick, and Coach
:health:Favorite TF2 Class: Scout, Spy, and Sniper
:health:Main Classes: Scout/Spy → Sniper → Pyro → Demoman → Medic → Engineer/Soldier → Heavy
:health:Favorite Undertale Characters: :sans:Sans and Papyrus:papyrus:

"Things You MUST Know If You Want To Friend Me."

1) I WILL NOT FRIEND ANYONE THAT'LL MAKE FUN OF AUTISM!!! Make fun of ANYONE, like me or my friends with autism, you're Gone!
2) You must Not have a Private Profile and/or must Not have a Steam Level of 0.
3) I Don't do trading at all, if you're going to add me for that you'll be Declined.
4) You must have at least 1 Or More of the same friends as mine.
5) I don't accept any friend requests who have a VAC Ban or have been Banned off from Steam.
6) Don't Judge On How Many Scout OCs I HAVE, I'm Not Gonna Deal With The Other Classes Besides Just Scout, Spy, and Sniper since I main those three more than the others.
7) I DO NOT accept friend requests that are gonna be a complete stalking and creepy bastard towards ME or ANY of my friends. I had THREE people that were stalking me before and I Unfriended Them Because Of It.
8) I have an Addiction to having SO many Scout OCs, I may have some Spy and Sniper OCs, but I have so many Scout OCs and I don't mind it. Please don't judge me about it

Status Whenever I'm Online
In-Game: May not respond right away because I'm playing a game. Or I could be in Dapper Stars in TF2. Feel Free to join me and my buds.
Online: Will be on Steam and will be able to Chat/RP with friends.
Busy: Won't be able to Chat/RP, meaning I'll be busy doing stuff. (For example: Drawing, Writing Stories, or Watching YouTube.)
Away: Not on the Laptop. I'm taking a break to get some fresh air.
Offline: Either Not At Home or I'm Sleeping or my power/internet is shut off.

NOTE: "If I don't respond to your messages, please don't think I'm ignoring you. I'm very shy when it comes to talking to others or I could be busy on things."

Goals/TF2 Wishlist
Get 1 Or More Unusuals On any Hat Cosmetic ~Thanks MediExcalibur2012! <3
Get The Current Event Scattergun
Get An Unusual Carlton Taunt ~Thanks MediExcalibur2012! <3
Get An Unusual Weapon Of Any
Get My First Austrailium ~Thanks Andre! <3
Get All Taunts For All Classes
Get More Black, White, & Red/Blue Paints
My Biggest Dream Weapon : Get The Austrailium Scattergun ~ Thank you So Much MediExcalibur2012!! <3

List Of My Incredible Friends!
-I.B.R.X (the brother of my life I always wanted)
-The Freakin Scout's A Spy! (The King Of Bonk and My Dearest Friend)
-⊰★ LinkaBell (The Owner Of Dapper Stars, An Incredible Artist, & Like A Sister I Wish I Have)
-Vexic (an amazing friend and RPing buddy)
-Blu Scouttit
-Deerbust (The King Of The Pootis Birds)
-*:・✯ Molly Golly ✯・:*
-Keith (kmejkcs)
-Ignis The Burning Bush
-seal wizard
-Space Shark🌠
-Uncle Crusty
-Yakuza Merkitzi
-Simply John
-The WitchDoctor

If you are not on this list, then don't be upset. You're all my best friends no matter what <3

List Of My TF2 OCs
**Kendra Myatt (me, my FemScout)
*Alejandro Garcia
*Jack Anderson
*Ryan Mitchell
*Sebastian Farloch
*Adam Parker
*Nigel Harrington
*Scout.Exe (an Undertale like of Sans and not TF2 Freak version)
*Eric William Lockhart
*Dylan Hunter
*Asriel Winters
*Jessica Myatt (The Clone of Kendra)
*Vladimir Walker
*Selina Mitchell
*Ryder Hunter
*Zachary Hunter
*Vector (Was named Vamp Spy who was in a comic I have made called The Vampire Lover)
*Victoria Johnson
*Jacob Sparks
*Martin Smith
*Craig McKenzie
*Freak.Exe (the counterpart/anti of Scout.Exe and an Alt Undertale Version of Fell Sans)
*Autumn (Was Adopted To Me By Andre)
*Michael Myatt (Kendra's Twin Brother)
*Zephyr (The Lover Of Leon and Was Adopted To Me By Vexic)
*Blitz/Blight (Was Adopted To Me By Vexic)
*Jason (an Alt Undertale Version of Horror Sans)
*Bridgette Anderson
*Cameron Phillips
*Ethan William Lockhart
*Dakota (a character given to me by Vexic)
*Nick (a Angel/Demon Hybrid character)
*Tyler Garcia
*Nate Ashwood
*Leon/Lance Myatt (A Split Personality Duo)
*Isabelle McKenzie
*Anti-Ale Garcia
*Clyne (The Lover To Anti Ale and was given to me by Vexic)
*Rachel Harrington
*Thiago Brannon (a character given to me by Andre)
*Nathan Walker
*Payet (a character given to me by Andre)
*Frederick (was originally named Celtic who was given to me by Andre)
*Xavier Vain
*Jacky Anderson (The Clone of Jack)
*Alvin Garcia (The Clone of Alejandro)
*Derek Mitchell (The Clone of Ryan)
*Sariel Farloch (The Clone of Sebastian)
*Travis Mitchell
*Draven Blaze
*Jonathan Brannon
*L4D (an FemScout OC Based off of me irl)
*Wyatt (An OC Shared With Vexic)

List Of Non-TF2 OCs
*Cryogen (Cryo for short)
*Aura (Guardian of The Elementals)
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A Demon King's Glare
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L4D2Fan13 Jan 23 @ 7:26am 
xD Thanks sis :cure:
Rippy™ Jan 23 @ 1:08am 
+rep I certainly enjoyed knowing this fine young lady very well. And she’s become my sister now, and...zzzzzzzzzzz
L4D2Fan13 Jan 22 @ 10:29am 
D'aw, thank you so much Connor :'3 :cure:
Connor™ Jan 22 @ 1:08am 
+Rep Even tho we don't talk as much, I still have good things about you. Your not the perfect person out there but...It inspired me to learn some stuff that I should use in the future (Thanks to you and several people on discord). I feel proud of doing things what is right, what is wrong depending on my thoughts or being honest about it. Without being friends with you, I would have feel different than by now.

You're a great person Kendra, and I like that, really. Stay strong bud!
L4D2Fan13 Dec 31, 2017 @ 1:07pm 
Rippy™ Dec 31, 2017 @ 1:04pm 
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