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It's kinda like a Nostalgia.. :cyanheart:
:Tie: 10 Steps of Game Optimization on Steam, PC Specs & More:
[1] Shut down your system.
[2] Open your case.
[3] Look for your "GPU".
[4] See if it says AMD or Nvidia on it.
[5] If it says Nvidia close your case and skip to step #10, if it says AMD immediatly remove the card.
[6] After the card has been removed you are going to want to lay it on a lowered, flattened surface before you proceed to the next step.
[7] Now that your card is on a lowered, flattened surface raise your knee up untill it is parallel with your hip and then quickly and firmly throw your leg back down in a direction that guides the flat of your foot to land directly on top of the AMD graphics card.
[8] Repeat the last step several times until the card has been properly decimated and you are done crying. You will know this is complete once the card is in at least 15 different pieces and you blatantly hate yourself for buying that crap in the first place.
[9] Now go to your local or online computer parts vendor and buy an Nvidia branded GPU.
[10] Boot Steam and enjoy your gaming Pc.

CONGRATULATlIONS! Your Pc is now optimized and game ready. ?
Anyways, don't take any of the above seriously, it's obviously a joke, I just personally prefer Nvidia and Intel over AMD products. It's just amusing to see some people get all grumpy and salty about it, like I'm talking for real.

My PC specs for who is interested:
CPU: Intel Core i5-7500 3.40 GHz Base Frequency Quad Core 6 MB Cache. ✔
GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 SC GAMING, 2GB GDDR5, DX12 OSD Support (PXOC). ✔
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED CPU Air Cooler '4 Heatpipes. ✔
Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-B250M-DS3H B250 Chipset 7th Gen Intel Core Processor. ✔
Memory: Corsair CMK16GX4M2A2400C14 Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4 2400 MHz. ✔
HDD: Toshiba 1TB. ✔
PSU: EVGA 600 W1, 80+ WHITE 600W. ✔
Case: CiT F3 Black Matx Gaming Case With 12cm Purple LED Fan & Purple Stripe. ✔
OS: Windows 10 Pro. ✔

:diktat: For the haters that I had a past with:
- I can see you are checking my profile constantly, like a pathetic loser who has no purpose in life else lurking and creeping on other people profiles as an entertaining method.
- I know I'm like the curse that you can't de-spell, the curse that keeps burning your worthless soul, you know who you are.. keep trying to gather an army of haters/losers like yourself, keep checking on my profile like a creep and whine to other people acting like a victim to gain some attention and sympathy, I don't blame you, keep hating on me it feeds me, but really I'm afraid I ran out of fucks to give, my aplogizes.
- So please take my advice and move on, find someone else to bother and waste your time on, just forget me and consider that I never existed for you, also unfollow my profile you are disgusting me, let it go already, what done is done, stop wasting your precious time trying to find yourself validations and excuses for your nagging, like showing me as the demon that ruined your miserable life, because the fact is.. I already forgot about you, and you don't exist for me anymore, you are history, and I will never miss you nor feel bad for you, good bye.
- Seriously go away and, do something productive for yourself and forget about me, just stay as far as you can, there is nothing you can do, you are wasting your time checking my profile repeatedly for literally nothing useful else sobbing and making a fool of yourself, which in fact amuses me and makes me chuckle on how helpless and hopeless you are. :steamsalty:
- Find your "happiness" with someone else me, or just die alone with a cat or a dog whatever you prefer, and yeah I regret nothing, and I will never forgive you or back on my decisions.
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Before you friend request me, READ the following CAREFULLY.
:orb: I'm Lea, I'm a blue person. I'm addicted to everything that is blue! Even a Nuka Cola Quantum or a Blue Lagoon! :meloblue:
:orb: First of all, click HERE for real photos of me if interested.
:orb: I'm an overly loving and caring for my close friends.
:orb: I like and enjoy a variety of animes. especially action/horror! with lots of.. Umm.. Fighting!
:orb: I'm a talkative person, so if you messaged me I will gladly reply when I can.
:orb: I speak only native English, I don't understand any of the other languages.
:orb: If you want to add me, I may accept you if I know you.
:orb: If you randomly added me, I would appreciate telling me a reason for it.
:orb: I love making artistic Fallout 4 screenshots, I truly appreciate the support if you rate them up and favorite them. :cyanheart:
:orb: Please keep my Profile/Screenshots comments in a positive manner, as I will most likely delete any negative comments. [I know some of them are NSFW, if you are under 18 years old, simply don't check them out and don't look at them].
:orb: Do not ask me about my Fallout 4 "modlist", I will ignore that, still I will gladly help you out with modding or give you a hand to improve your game if I can.

:csgox: If I removed you.. And on rare worse scenarios.. Blocked you:
:orb: It's either that you were a creeperino. cba with that with random people adding me.
:orb: You been changing your name often in short period, which creeps the fuck out of me.
:orb: You didn't contribute much to the friendship between me and you, don't take it personal, I just like to know my friends.

:bflower: Other Gaming platforms:
:orb: Social Club: Leathium For Grand theft Auto V Online only.
:orb: Uplay: Leathium for Ubisoft games.
:orb: Bnet: Lea#22783 For Overwatch only.
:orb: Origin: Leathium for Battlefield 1 only.
:orb: Discord: Leathium#4097 for.. Whatever.

--------------------------------------------------------:LittleDizzy: F.A.Q. :LittleDizzy:--------------------------------------------------------

:bflower: Hi Lea, do you mind introducing yourself?
:LIS_butterfly: Hi there! Umm okay, I'm an ambiguous, no-fucks given anonymous entity, overzealous cunt.

:bflower: What the.. ? oh nvm! I was wonder to ask you, what is your..
:LIS_butterfly: Headshotting is my favorite hobby, give me the challenge and jump around or something, I'm more of a cold blooded huntress.

:bflower: Lol.. Okay, but.. I mean, WHAT!?
:LIS_butterfly: Right, I'm into weird shit but that's nothing to do with ya, Sniper Rifles, Scythes and Trucks, I love to play the Sniper Role mostly, as well as driving trucks and running over things in games with them! Wasting zombies is a huge pleasure for me, can you imagine blasting out a zombie's head with a wrench and then it goes like BWAGH EPICCCCCCCC, oh my gosh!

:bflower: Cool beans, Are you a grill?
:LIS_butterfly: Please don't ask stupid questions to not get stupid answers.

:bflower: Okay, but really though, are you a grill?
:LIS_butterfly: ..If you're friends with me, spoke to me then you know I am.

:bflower: Kinky, now seriously, are you a grill?
:LIS_butterfly: ..Go fuck yourself, WITH A RAKE, And get the fuck out of here already.

:bflower: Oh Em Gee, calm down.. so umm I was wonder to ask.. do you date?
:LIS_butterfly: No, I don't, as this is gaming community not social media community, or an online dating site so everything will be kept in steam, so I expect you to keep it on steam.

:bflower: Ohh.. I see, okay why do you have such a huge wishlist in steam?
:LIS_butterfly: ..Well Honestly, my real wishlist starts from rank 1 to 30 depending on how I want the most, the rest are just fillers, but whatever, the main are the top 30, it's just a reminder for myself what I want or not etc.

:bflower: Hmm.. Do you accept gifts?
:LIS_butterfly: Gifts are extremely appreciated, but by no means necessary, so yes I do, if the other person is fine and happy feeling generous about it, as I don't like to make them feel bad with rejection.

:bflower: Interesting, do you have favorite friends? people that are too special to you?
:LIS_butterfly: Yes I do, I don't need to list them here, they know who they are. <3

Also I spotted some people that lacks the creativity and imagination to make their own profiles or try to make an actual special info box about them and just copy paste this info box and claim they made it by adding some personal tweaks according to their taste, go ask them why they do this? Why they steal other people effort? This is shameless and extremely awful thing to do! to just copy other people! :steamfacepalm:

After all, I'm a simple person, I have close friends protecting my back, who I dear close and quite special for me, as well as enemies wishing me the worst. However, I have no grudge or animosity for you, I hope you would do the right good thing. :Heartyou:

Peace. :cyanheart:
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