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if only i had the equipment to record music.
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*DEAD* frost : fucking braindead spy players lmao
*DEAD* Agronom : please kill yourself
Morgan : leaskel is insane
*DEAD* _Skilix_ : fucking dog without skill
*DEAD* Mef ✦ : spy i love you
*DEAD* samii | EF2Lorg : remov spy class
*DEAD* reggy : what a no skill spy
*DEAD* Ashes : jesus christ how many hours do you have on spy
*DEAD* The Truth : omg face stab
*DEAD* Vince : oh im stupid
Lisa : fucking hacker
Krazokss [FR] : what is this spy
*DEAD* plankton : STOP SPY
togysck : pls make trickstub montaggee
*DEAD* sirampy : wtf i was facing u
Million : lol this spy
(TEAM) !?? : our spy is a god
benny bongo : insane spy plays
*DEAD* Pendulum : kys sucker
*DEAD* That's just insane : fuck off
NekoGirl : u suck
*DEAD* sun : oh come on
*DEAD* shooty : nice facestab
Lil Jessica : !rep their spy
♥Doggo Boi♥ : u built my fear
*TOT* 『SpeedPUZOn』 : i hate you spy
*TOT* PiGG MaNN : kill yourself
devour, glotoneria : you have a gun
*DEAD* Radd : spy you are truly awful haha
*DEAD* PiGG MaNN : this guy is 2 good 4 me
*DEAD* TheCodamy : fucking noob

*DEAD* Matheas : mr trickstab
*DEAD* Matheas : ur bad

*DEAD* cozy LFT : this player
*DEAD* cozy LFT : is insane

*DEAD* It's treason, then. : FUCK YOU
*DEAD* It's treason, then. : THE FUCK IS THAT

*DEAD* Salve Grumio : leaskel you fucker
*DEAD* Salve Grumio : FOR FUCKS SAKE

*DEAD* swipez : life's full of surprises

23:43:04 Glαdius ❤: oh no
23:43:08 Glαdius ❤: leaskel on spy

*DEAD* runyx : lmao nice
ϟ Leaskel : Sorry
runyx : What? That was a butterknife i am proud of you!

peeking pink eye : the spy is on my team
peeking pink eye : i can enjoy the game now

Clutch : get your ping down pls
*DEAD* ϟ Leaskel : shut
Clutch : high ping trickstabs are ez

*DEAD* Harrow. : u r not legit
canlock : feeeeeeeeeed
*DEAD* Harrow. : how
*DEAD* MoreBuckets! : epic

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