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All these are tradeable No showing off or anything like that (As If I Do Have Anything To Show Off). Send me a request and type "Added to discuss about [Item up for trade]" In my comments.
I Am M R . N O The Medic Main. Scroll To The Bottom For Trading.
Man I S L E A S T Himself When He Talks In His Own Person. GIVE HIM A M A S K And He Will Tell You The Truth.
-O s c a rWilde

First Things First

Well Whenever I Am In A Game That Needs A Lot Of Attention *Cough * Team Fortress 2 *Cough*, And You Message Me I May Not Get Back To You Until I Die Or The Game Ended. I'm Just Pointing It Out Since All Of My Friends Don't Seem To Think That.

I Am A Medic Main That Uses The Vacinator Mainly.

If I Am In The Middle Of A Game And I Don't Respond Then Thats Because I'm Really Focused...
Or I Just Don't Feel Like Talking.

The Times I Am Normally Online

On Weekends I Am Normally On At: 7:00 AM To Maybe 11:00 PM
On Weekdays I Am On At Either 4:30 Or 5:00 PM To 7:00 Or 8:00 PM

Starting A Group (Read For More Info)

I Am Currently Making A Certain Type Of "Group". I'm Either Going To Call Myself Mr. No | 6 Curves. But That Seems Like A Copy Of Delfy's 7 Corners. If You Have Any Ideas For A Group Name Or Want To Be Apart Of This 6 Curves, Then Just Ask Me IF You Want To Join This Group
Currently There are 8 People In This Group So Far. Hopefully I Can Get More People.

My Steam Life

Friend Me I Dare You >= ]

Games I Hate: Aimlab, Scared Beetles, SuperHot, and Other Crap Games That Can't Run On My Computer =)

Friends I Hate: Friends Who Aren't really My Friends, Friend Collectors (People Who Add People With Higher Levels), Friends Who Don't Get Along With Other Friends, Dicks In General.

Friends I Like: God Heavy, TheLostGoomba, MisterPugsly, Mr.Soldier, STOSkid, Definitely A Russian Spy.

Games I Like: Fallout: New Vegas, Left 4 Dead 2, Cuphead, Papers, Please, and Team Fortress 2.

Friend Requests

If You Plan On Friending Me, Then I Am Going To Ask You Why You Have Friended Me. If It Is A Good Reason Then I Will Let You Stay On My Friends List.

Don't Be A Dick

Don't Act like A Dick Thinking It's Funny

And Don't Ask For Free Items. OtherWise You Will Be Unfriended And Maybe Blocked.


Trade Offer: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=445975885&token=rJRPSTjI

I Will Be Getting A Couple More Items Soon. I Have Traded A Lot Of My Items And Due To All Of My Friends Having The Friqueing 15 Day Trad Hold I Have To Wait 15 Days.

If You Want To Trade With Me Just Type In The Comments Saying You Want To Trade. If It's A Specific Item, Then Just Type In Comments Which Item.

I Don't Have The 15 Day Trade Hold So If You Think It Is Me Who Has It Think Again =)

Yes I Know My Inventory Isn't Public, That's Because It's Friend's Only.

If I Think This Trade Is Unfair To Me, Then I Will Decline This Trade

If It Is A Fair Trade, Then Of Course I Am Going To Accept, But If I Already Have That Item Or If I Don't Need That Item Then You Can Just Add In Another item That I Don't Have. (I Am A Quite A PIcky Person I Know =))

Well Thanks For Reading My Bio, And I Hope You Have A Good Day! =)

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Hi, what was your question?
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i will get back to you tomorrow morning, sorry about this
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Added cuz u play l4d2 uwu
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