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What is a name?   New Zealand
I give it all, and when I fall, I get up and give some more.
Until there is nothing left of me, just some bones stacked on the floor.
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About Myself:

I currently main CS:GO. I do the occasional trading and unboxing (i usually broadcast my unboxings). I play TF2 and DOTA 2 every now and again too. I enjoy games of the horror genre and games with amazing story lines such as The Solus Project and Subnautica. I love the Warhammer 40,000 series along with the games and i play alot of UA mod (ultimate apocalypse).

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Good Memes:

lazy: rez
lazy: join
lazy: sever
lazy: i'm
lazy: bored
lazy: server
lazy: fat
lazy: cunt
lazy: shut
lazy: the
lazy: fuck
lazy: up
lazy: you
lazy: filthy
lazy: little
lazy: whore
fredricksonstein: you wot
fredricksonstein: ill shit talk you for saying that
fredricksonstein: you queer
ShadowWolf: go ahead
fredricksonstein: i
fredricksonstein: am
fredricksonstein: fredricksonstein
fredricksonstein: you can die
fredricksonstein: if you dont hurry up
ShadowWolf: shit talking me is just helping me give a reason to kms
ShadowWolf: I fucking would love that
fredricksonstein: ok
fredricksonstein: sounds like fun
ShadowWolf: yes
xye: r u in privet chat?
zer: we are in dz
zer: jezzy is playing
xye: oh lord

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Just came to say hi xxx
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Merry Christmas
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Merry Christmas
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🎄 Merry christmas 🎄
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this guyy
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