Latisan Sklay
Georgia, United States
h0i!!! i'm josh!!!!

I'm also one of the hosts of "The Arsenal" Spiral Knights podcast, may it rest in peace. Podcast archives can be found here!

Favorite games of all time: Undertale, To the Moon, Osu, AI War: Fleet Command
Currently playing: Eternal Card Game, AI War, Sword of the Stars: The Pit

Based Rebirth seeds:
T3PT 0XFK (Hard) - My Reflection + Little Planet + Tammy's Head + Brimstone = Lock on death laser
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Happy birthday to the Arsenal Podcast!
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A podcast about all things Spiral Knights.
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Who wouldent want to do it :P Accept the chat system is crappy.
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I'd love to participate in the event you messaged me about. I need to check my schedule and see if I'll be available for that time before commiting to anything. I'll get back to you tomorrow if I can.
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Hey Latiseeennn Skalllyyy, wut R U doin todayyyy :)))