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Currently making artworks, add me for more information.

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Owner of steam group Perfis mais bonitos de Portugal

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Hello, my name is Mario Sousa and I am making animated showcases for steam profiles. Here you can check some examples of artworks you can get with the amount of money it says.
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This game brings me good memories of my brother, when I was younger I used to just sit next to him and watch him play this game, I was just staring at that huge Box that we called a computer monitor impressed because I never saw anything like that game in that time. I still have the CD with me and also the Thrones & Patriots expansion CD. This game never gets old aswell, I don't care about the graphics, just the gameplay and boy it is awesome!
When I miss my brother, I play this game and remember the good old times that we spent together.
Thanks for putting it on steam!

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I hope you have amazing week!
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Thanks for the artwork :)
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Quero 1 artwork
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