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Unlocked Nov 20, 2016 @ 11:21am

Welcome to Kryll!

Complete your first adventure
Unlocked Nov 20, 2016 @ 11:28am

Barrier smasher

Destroy a barrier

Marco Polo

Complete 10 adventures

Lewis and Clark

Complete 50 adventures

Ferdinand Magellan

Complete 100 adventures

Christopher Columbus

Complete 200 adventures

Yuri Gagarin

Complete 300 adventures

Neil Armstrong

Complete 400 adventures

Jean Luc Picard

Complete 500 adventures

Academy student

Reach level 5


Reach level 10


Reach level 15


Reach level 20


Reach level 30

The need for speed

Win a race

Shuriken grabber

Perfect 10 adventures

Gotta catch 'em all!

Perfect 50 adventures

Gold digger

Perfect 100 adventures

Get ALL the Shurikens!

Perfect 200 adventures

Hooked on Shurikens

Perfect 300 adventures

Addicted to Shurikens

Perfect 400 adventures

Obsessed with Shurikens

Perfect 500 adventures

Master of the forest

Complete an adventure on the bottom of the forest

Digging deeper

Complete an adventure in the Sapphire caverns

Master of the caverns

Complete an adventure at the bottom of the Sapphire caverns

The plot thickens

Complete the 8th Mitsu's tales episode


Perfect 5 Mitsu's tales episodes

To boldly go

Complete an unranked adventure that does not belong to you


Complete a pickup rush in an adventure that does not belong to you

Tick tock

Get a ticks event record in an adventure that does not belong to you

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