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Dragon Fire (Edit Export)
Collection by LankyLefty17
Lucha POWER (Edit Exports)
Collection by LankyLefty17
Warrior Pro Wrestling (Edit Exports)
Collection by LankyLefty17
Lanky's Moves
Collection by LankyLefty17
Move craft moves for Fire Pro, created for the OC edits of Warrior Pro, Lucha POWER, and Dragon Fire Japan
Dragon Fire Japan Original Edits
Collection by LankyLefty17
Formed in 2003 and based in Osaka, Japan, Dragon Fire Japan was founded by Shintaro Ito when he broke off from Japan All Around Wrestling (JAAW) after an illustrious 20 year career in the company. The backbone in the early days of Dragon Fire Japan revolv
Lucha POWER Original Edits
Collection by LankyLefty17
In 1968 Lucha POWER was founded by a group of small time Mexican promoters, though it wasn’t until 1974 that the promotion took off with the rise of Blue Puma. Blue Puma would become one of the most popular Lucha’s in the country, and vault the promotion t
Warrior Pro Wrestling Original Edits (Vanilla)
Collection by LankyLefty17
In 2016, World Federation of Wrestling (WFoW) closed its doors after longtime owner, Mack Vincent, passed away. In the wake of its closure, the companies most popular star and legend from the promotions heyday in the mid 80’s, Tank McDaniel, started gather
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