the call that saved gaming
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i don't accept every request i get - sorry if i don't add you i swear it's nothing personal
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gotta defuse my urges
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the bogey man Jan 20 @ 4:02am 
*insert stale meme here*
Dakota Jan 18 @ 9:05pm 
GamerCoin 2019.
Biggity Swigger Jan 13 @ 6:38pm 
hell yeah
the call that saved gaming Jan 13 @ 6:30pm 
pair a wonton
Biggity Swigger Jan 13 @ 2:52pm 
mother love me long time long time sucky sucky ♥♥♥♥y ♥♥♥♥y wonton Hong Kong Hong Kong wonton Hong Kong wonton one time one time wonton love me long time feed on my long ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ go back to Hong Kong gong I'll send u back to Hong Kong pair a wonton wonton
the call that saved gaming Jan 5 @ 9:43pm 
I just hate the gays.