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Hi! The name's Landy. I’m a 3D and 2D artist, animator, game developer, voice actor, musician, and overall content producer.

You can find my work in a few places...

YouTube Channel:


I don't accept all friend or group requests I get, so don't expect me to. Apologies if I don't add you.
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gotta defuse my urges
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Landy Apr 2 @ 10:04pm 
the last thing you'd want in your house is your father's corpse.

but as it turns out...
セクシャル Energy Apr 2 @ 5:35pm 
Number 11: your father will die
Don't stare at my DUCKY!!! Mar 7 @ 2:14am 
thats sad, but whatever....
Landy Mar 6 @ 1:14pm 
i have very little knowledge on black mesa's current modding system, so unfortunately i'm not able to help
Don't stare at my DUCKY!!! Mar 6 @ 12:59pm 
hey Landy ive got a problem, i hope u can help... one of your black mesa addons downloads a bin file but to make it work i need to have a vpk file... in the desc. u said in the bms/bin folder is the vpk.exe but its not there... how can i make it to work? if u cant help dont worry i wont kill you...
Dad Mar 5 @ 9:22pm 
dude epic i love rick and morty