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Where the Pro League Offers at?
Gabie ;p 4 окт. в 22:29 
mdl players cant even carry u bot stop acting like u are good at the game , roaster riding every season u are 2-6 in main this season with trash ♥♥♥♥♥ stats never speak my name in a pug again
¡ byteframe 😬 is peachy ! 17 септ. в 16:00 
Early: "Where'd she go?"
Simon: "I can't keep track of her when she's not incorporeally possessing a
spaceship. Don't look at me."
Haze 26 авг. в 18:45 
add me back lil downie
Noalski 15 авг. в 15:29 
crying little ♥♥♥♥ing 16 year old virgin.
china klay 15 авг. в 14:38 
dude is LEM and playing with MG1s
76561198200521928 9 авг. в 10:13 
like the way you play. Can you teach me playing CSGO in the same lobby please? I can pay in skins or knives for the lessons. Add me on my main acc if you can