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If you know what this game is (read below) and still think you'd be interested, there is literally nothing I'd recommend more than this.

The Void is pretty much unique. The visuals are striking, though the screenshots don't really do them justice. You really need to see the environments in motion and actually walk around the different areas to see how beautiful they are and how they seem to have been designed with a meticulous eye for different possible perspectives in a 3D location. The story, once you actually know what it is, is highly ambitious and philosophical in a way very few games attempt, though I'd hesitate to recommend this purely based on that, or as a story game, because you're not really going to find a conventional narrative here -- instead it is a minimalist allegory told through hints and implications. The gameplay (often brutally and unfairly difficult) is an intriguing and original spin on resource management that, in typical Ice Pick Lodge fashion, is somewhat hampered by buggy or unfinished implementation, but it nonetheless manages to achieve a degree of gameplay-story integration that surpasses most games out there.

It's rough around the edges, it doesn't hold your hand in anything -- gameplay or story -- and it's definitely the kind of slowburner game that you won't get into without a bit of patience, but if you don't mind that and are down to experiment with something very different, you're in for something special. It's cliche to call a game 'atmospheric', 'beautiful' or 'heartbreaking' these days, but, if you don't immediately hate this game to begin with, chances are you'll see how those apply to The Void more than most games they get attached to.
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This is a spoiler free* introduction to the basic mechanics of the game meant to make starting out in The Void a bit easier. If you haven't played the game or have barely played the game and are having trouble getting started, this is probably for you. Hav

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