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This weapon has 2 versions of it

semi-automatic 357 that shoots cinderblocks

Full Auto shotgun that shoots anti-gravity cinderblocks

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Created by - Lambdagon
ioioioio Jun 21 @ 9:59am 
Void. (WTFC) (TRAP) (LEWD) Jun 19 @ 6:20am 
HoBoMiKe May 31 @ 3:23pm 
Tell Poison X to make his chat public if he has a pair and I'll tell him what I REALLY think about his treachery
+rep VvvvvvAVvvvvR[Mr.4WD] May 10 @ 11:08pm 
Bro, you don't even have to use horrible things to get kicked. I got kicked for accusing a gay person of supporting nazi's and got kicked after trolling for like 7 minutes in text chat.
+rep VvvvvvAVvvvvR[Mr.4WD] May 10 @ 11:07pm 
+Rep I actually am blind, lol. I say dumb things on TF2 because it makes people mad. I'm not even kidding, I told my whole team, they were lead paint drinkers and they got really mad and kicked me.
crippling diabetes May 2 @ 7:38pm 
get out of here bru