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Posted: Feb 16, 2014 @ 12:11pm
Updated: Feb 16, 2014 @ 1:25pm

It’s with a sad heart that I have to say this, but Defiance is slowly becoming a husk of it's former self. The game shows great potential and holds on to it for quite some time, but the final area and it's related missions seem to come across as a charred end, leaving a sour aftertaste. And while the end-game (Arkfalls and Sieges) does provide some moderate fun, the DLC remains a disappointment. In fact, I'll do you one worse, the Incursions event that came with the 7th Legion DLC actively bugs out Arkfalls, crippling both it and itself.
There are goods and bads, but I figure I'll narrate them Chronologically.

On a technical level, Defiance does bring a few interesting things to the table. To put it bluntly, you can get a Borderlands vibe when relating to weapons and related ordinance. I do mean the first Borderlands though, as the second one has a much wider and insaner variety of weaponry with far-reaching and different effects and methods. Defiance's guns tend to stick somewhat close to their Archetype, even between brands.

Gun 'brands' generally differ in how the gun fires in a typical fashion. One does full automatic, some burst, some semi.
You have the odd-one out, such as LMG's of one brand becoming an energy bolt launcher, and some shotguns double as spamming versions of Grenade launchers. The variety is interesting, but nothing that goes 'outside the box'.

Shields are your typical run of the mill type with exchanged stats between size, recharge delay, recharge speed and the occasional situational buff.

But what really stands out is how the level of these items is less significant than their rarity. Again, comparing to Borderlands, guns would become nigh-on useless if they were underleveled by 10 or 20 levels, unless they were exceptionally good.

In Defiance, all the stats of the guns remain the same. Instead, with every grade of rarity, a random bonus gets applied. And with levelling comes increased chances of item rarity, as well as the more interesting brands. The early (Orange colored) Legendaries are often less interesting or bland guns.
This keeps a level of equality amongst all the levels of players, allowing for a somewhat balanced PvP system. Progress and effort give you an edge, but not a great advantage.

On top of that, you also have your EGO device, which you can use to make use of one of four ‘skills’ at a time. They are Decoy, Overcharge, Cloak and Blur and are very much doing what their name suggests. Accompanying it is an EGO grid of passive skills that either tie in with the skills or another context, such as getting hit or killing under a certain condition. While they are moderately interesting, there are no passives that truly stand out as ultimately useful or powerful. In fact, I would say they feel very underpowered.

Storywise, it starts out cheeky and a little cliche, maybe even cheesy. But it remains bearable and even funny at times. The voice-in-your-head EGO device acts quirky and in general seems to be your spokesperson (your character plays the mute act) and moral guidance.

And yes, the latter does imply that your character rarely seems to give the impression he/she has a mind of their own. Simply following orders whenever given, by anyone relevant.
But the story starts to truly derail when you arrive in the final area and separated island called San Francisco. I say this to many people: Defiance is a great game until you get to San Fran.

There is where things turn for the worst. The frontier before looks luscious and vibrant with all sorts of strange plants adorning the scenery. But in the final area, the ground is scorched and bland. On top of that, the side missions get even more befitting of a stupid henchman that the cutscenes imply only too much, being given in general by the single-most uninteresting character the game could provide: Eren Niden. Her same-tone voice and apathic nature really makes you feel like you’re the lackey providing the footwork for way more important people.
The only upside, the Minigun challenge takes place there, which has you mowing down hundreds of Dark Matter. (which also happens to be the most uninteresting and annoying enemy faction you can imagine)

Chronologically, this means the DLC ‘comes after’. And it does start out promising.

The Castithan pack comes with five arena’s holding the same enemies you’ve been blowing up the entire time, with a narration that would have been acceptable without the intercom-echo effect it has while responding to your performance. The ultimate reward is access to laser swords, which in practical gameplay has too many drawbacks to be relevant/useful unless you dedicate a whole build to it.
While I have certainly had better DLC, this pack does provide everything it promised.

The second DLC, Arkbreaker, shows the descent of quality. People with the DLC can call down their own personal Arkfall and conquer it for new weaponry that functions quite different than the ones otherwise available. However, major arkfalls come with a Warmaster that requires defeating. And this is where it gets a little iffy.

The Warmaster is nigh impossible to defeat (you are only given 6 minutes and it’s really a true bullet sponge) and requires either a big dedicated Guild to join in or a group of people with perfectly worked out DPS to defeat it.
Unlike anything else in the game, this particular boss does not scale with the amount of present players, and has taken the wrong side of the spectrum in terms of compensating for this.

Despite that, it looked new and was at least a little bit interesting. But the latest DLC, the 7th Legion...
So far, 10 euro’s had yielded some content that was fun for at least a little bit. Even in it’s improper state, it was a new situation that was fun to adapt to.

The 7th Legion DLC however brings no new content. Incursions are a series of random mini events you normally run into while driving by, put in a series dedicated to one specific enemy, and ends in a typical Siege of which you’ve done a thousand. In fact, they take place in the very location the regular sieges take place.

The ‘new’ guns are simply reskins of the old ones with slightly improved stats, such as reload speed or clip size, with two new armors that has several versions with changed colors, and a hat. In fact, the ‘katana’ functions and even sounds the same as the Castithan Pack laser sword (humm included) but with there being no Legendary rarity available. So they’re inferior in power from the get-go.

As said, the Incursions themselves are bugged, often overlapping with an Arkfall, causing it to cripple both until either time out (and in general these random events have 20-30 minute timers) so you can imagine seeing a server full of annoyed people.

Now imagine you having to do at least 10 of these, in order to get enough ‘7th Legion reputation credits’ in order to purchase the cheapest item found in their vendor, which is a mod pack that synergises only with it’s own useless effect. To get outfits, you’ll have to grind 20 of these for the Loot Chest and hope to your Gods that it will randomly include the items that you want.

And that’s it. There’s no new story, nothing truly new, even the new meshes used for this update are anything but impressive.

So, if the DLC is anything to go by, Defiance is heading in the wrong direction. The 7th Legion is a shameless cash-in and I really wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the confirmation of Season 2 is still up in the air.

In conclusion: This game is dying a slow and painful death. It will take all the money it can get before several internet media will officially declare this game dead.

Buy it for the price of a subway sandwich, or not at all. And forget about the DLC, even the Season Pass.

Bottom note:
Many still recommend this game. But compare their Game time with mine.
I've turned this puppy inside out. You make the call.
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defcultist Sep 9, 2017 @ 10:03pm 
it is Trion. they are cheese
Cyclomethane Nov 1, 2016 @ 8:38am 
So.....I have to agree with this post.
You will feel kinda excited on the first 10 hours of gameplay, as it seemed quite full of story missions and even you don't want to do them you just get into reeking arkfall and incursions. But as most of the story driven games nowadays, when you ran out of story to play its just straight up boring. Ofcourse you can still replay them or just keep reking arkfalls, but it's just blend.anothe point I want to point out is that trion really likes to put you in bad luck, opening boxes often give you trash items and even if it's a legendary it would still be a trash/useless shotgun. This game after 20 hour gameplay is just farming simulator 2017
Fruitbowl M.D. Oct 27, 2016 @ 5:42pm 
Jabernathy you gotta have been dropped on yer head when you were little because this game wasn't always free and additionally the game got screwed HARD by bad updates. You wanna be a Tool go right ahead but you're not going to be less of a dumbass for it. Big man can't take someone shit talking his favorite toy. LOL. Maybe learn to read properly first.
Yarusenai Sep 5, 2016 @ 5:09am 
jabernathy, logic doesnt seem to be your strong suit. If I play a game for 200 hours and its suddenly turning bad for everyone, new players included, heck yes I will give it a bad review because its bad, even if I had 200 hours in it, if it gets bad it gets bad. Idiot.
jabernathy90 Jul 17, 2016 @ 10:07pm 
This is what I hate about gamers today. You have sunk 260+ hours into this game and you are giving it a bad review. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU HAVE THAT MUCH GAME TIME LOGGED IF IT'S SO FUCKING BAD. I've bought Triple A titles that haven't granted me near as many hours of solid playtime and this game is FREE TO FUCKIN PLAY. Stop being fucking jaded and salty because the game didn't exactly go in the direction that YOU wanted it to go in. The point of these reviews are to let other people know if the game is worth the fun versus the amount of money it cost. If you really take a step back you will realize that you are just salty because you have invested so much time into this game, and you think that time you have invested should get you something in return. What you fail to realize is how much this game has given you. 260+ FUCKING HOURS of enjoyment. Go fuck yourself.
Tokyo Sexwale Aug 13, 2014 @ 8:20am 
In short: It's a Free to Play MMO. They are always shit.
Entropy Aug 13, 2014 @ 5:31am 
They did muck it up, all i see for chat now is blank spaces whenever anyone tries to use zone, i'm sure it's to do with people on consoles being able to type and pc users not being able to. Don't know though i wasn't going to reinstall just to see if that would help, after finishing the storylines at level lvl 450. the first season boss forces your level to be 950, i was seriously rushing through it obviously.

The only PLUS about the game is AI, even though some of them chase after you in a suicidle fashion, they also split up as a group to try and flank you, and run away to keep their distance, and dodge when your crosshair is aimed at them, even through a sniperscope.
The AI in firefall is just as good thankfully :)
Vakatosh Aug 12, 2014 @ 8:58pm 
Also, the game doesn't tell me why it crashes every 5 minutes.
Fruitbowl M.D. Aug 2, 2014 @ 5:28am 
Sorry to hear. This game isn't even installed anymore. In fact, this review was written some time before it went F2P, but I shouldn't expect people to look at the dates anyway. Before then I was somewhat perfectly capable of doing the Time Trials, but I wouldn't put it above the devs to muck up their own server.

Some things in this review still hold true, and my findings after giving this game one last chance have been described in this comments section, dug deeper of course.

Beyond that, YMMV.
Dosbilliam, Boring but Practical Aug 1, 2014 @ 10:55pm 
You forgot to mention how lag has made the game nearly unplayable.

For reference, I attempted a Time Trial eariler. The best time was one second past Gold, and it took me 5 minutes before quitting because I spent more time waiting for the rings to spawn than I did actually driving. Got a couple Pursuits done, but still, it's terrible.