» I no longer accept friends request.
» Im very sensitive please be nice
» Storms are awesome.
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If you are friending me, please state why in the comments or your request will be denied.

Do not ask me for PAC3 help or requests. Nothing personal I just don't have the time to help everybody.

Personal Info

Real Name: Elise
Fav Music: Country/Southren Rock/Bluegrass
Username: Laink

Favorite Gamemode(s):
StormChaser, Zombie Survival on Garry's Mod

About me

Im very sensitive so be nice, you can make me cry easily.

I'm just a girl who enjoys games and is interested in Drawing. I'm currently into Garry's Mod, and I am active. I also enjoy other games too, such as CS:1.6, CS:GO, Half life Alyx, and more.
If you're behiavor is very toxic i'll no more be patient and respective to you.

Don't force me to do anything. you ain't my boss.
Do not complain just because we have different opinions on what we like, and dont like. everyone has differnet opinions.
If you removed me without leaving a message. we most likely weren't friends to begin with.

Recent Activity

13,919 hrs on record
last played on Oct 22
587 hrs on record
last played on Jun 3
3,714 hrs on record
last played on Feb 5
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